How to Test Off Grid Solar Inverters?

Solar inverters are used in solar energy systems to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) to provide stable power for household appliances. Solar inverters are mainly divided into off-grid solar inverters and grid-connected solar inverters. Grid-tied inverters must be connected to the grid to work, while off-grid inverters can independently generate electricity anytime, anywhere without being connected to the grid.

How does an off-grid inverter work?

A complete system solution for off-grid inverters using modular components Xantrex XW consists of a number of manageable building blocks: XW inverter/charger, solar charge controller, automatic generator starter module, and a system control board.

Working principle diagram of off-grid inverter

Diagram of off grid inverter

120 kW Pure Sine Wave Off Grid Solar Inverter Test

1. Commercial power priority mode.

2. Disconnect commercial powerand.automatically switch to battery mode.

3. When commercial power is restored, the equtpment wif automatically switch to commercial powerpriority mode. has two kinds of solar off-grid inverters, one is a multifunctional inverter/charger, fromĀ 700W to 6000W, DC12V/24V/48V input, 120V/220V/230V AC output, combined with inverter and battery charger function. Another version is a 3-phase with power fromĀ 8kW to 200kW. If you have any questions about off-grid inverter testing, check out the video below:

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