How to Use UPS?

The role of uninterruptible power supply is very big, when there is no electricity, such as ups inverter, you can use battery power, when there is electricity, it is a voltage regulator, to protect the connected equipment. It has a battery inside that protects and charges the battery. Today, I will introduce how to use uninterruptible power supply in detail.

3500 watt ups inverter and structureThe uninterruptible power supply itself has a plug. This is a plug that connects to the mains and can be connected to the mains at home. On its back, we can see that there are three power sockets, among which the two on the left are its output outlets, that is, the output power is used to connect the external devices, for example, it can be a connection to the computer host, a connection to the computer monitor.

The two sockets on the back of the uninterruptible power supply can not only connect the device directly, but also connect the plug bar to connect some devices to the plug bar, such as computers or other electrical appliances. Although it can be connected to the plug row, and then connected to the multi-point equipment, but this depends on the power of uninterrupted power supply, this is not overload connection, so it can not play a protective role, but also affect 3500 watt ups inverter service life.

Some uninterruptible power supply and connect the printer socket, this can be directly connected with the printer. In addition, it has a fuse that protects it if it's overloaded. If it is found that the uninterruptible power supply cannot work properly, it is necessary to look at its fuse is not burned out. After connecting the back sockets to the line, look at the front of it, it has three indicators, respectively fault, battery and mains indicators.

Everyone in the use of uninterruptible power supply, can according to the above method to operate, for three lights in front of it, and want to know what respectively, the abnormal situation in this way, can accurate to maintenance, such as grid, is directly connected to the power supply, if the light is, it is normally connected to the mains.

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