Is the Car Inverter Safe?

Car inverters can also connect household appliances to the output of the power converter, enabling these devices to be used in the car. Such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras, shavers, power tools, etc. can be charged anytime, anywhere, very convenient. But some people are worried, will this kind of equipment be unsafe? Let us answer the following questions for you, whether the car inverter is safe or not, and what problems should be paid attention to when using it?

In fact, as long as you buy a high-quality car inverter, it will have a good protection function. In the event of overload or short circuit, the car inverter will cut off the power supply at the first time to protect the power supply and passengers. So we also need to pay attention to many places in daily use.Car power inverter

The car inverter can be connected to the car cigarette lighter. Its function is to convert the 12V DC in the car into a household 220V AC device through a smart chip. Compared with large motors, car inverters are more convenient to use and more convenient to carry. There are two mainstream connection methods for car inverters, one is directly connected to the car battery. The advantage of this connection method is that the power is higher, and it can be used for more high-power electrical appliances. The disadvantage is that the risk of danger is relatively high.

The other is through the cigarette lighter power conversion. At this time, the output power of the car inverter is relatively small, but it is sufficient for most small electrical appliances. There are USB interfaces, three-pin plug interfaces, etc. on the car inverter.  It can charge mobile phones, laptops, fans, cameras, etc. Car inverters are usually divided into two types: 12V and 24V. 12V is suitable for small cars, and 24V is suitable for large cars. In self-driving tours and long-distance driving, it plays a convenient and fast role.

When the car is started, the car can always use the on-board inverter to convert the output, and it will not affect the car. But it's different if the car's engine is stopped. At this time, the electricity stored in the battery is used to generate electricity. Although using the battery for a short time will not have any adverse effects, if it is consumed for a long time, the battery will be exhausted and the service life of the battery will be reduced.

The car inverter itself will generate heat, so it cannot be used in a place exposed to the sun all the time. If the car inverter is placed in the sun for a long time, the car inverter will not be able to dissipate heat, and if it is serious, the lines inside will be burned. Another point to pay attention to is not to let the inverter get wet. If the car inverter really encounters water, the car inverter should be disconnected immediately, otherwise it is easy to cause a short circuit of the line.

Reasonable use of car inverters has safety issues. Due to the power limitation of the car inverter, the owner must remember not to connect electrical equipment with a power greater than 200W. The power of a car refrigerator is generally 120W. It is not recommended to continue to connect other electrical equipment when the car refrigerator is connected, because a certain amount of power must be reserved to ensure safe use. Using the car inverter with excessive power will damage the vehicle electrical circuit.

It is recommended to start the car engine when using a device with a high power external to the car inverter on a daily basis. When the engine is running, the power supply of the electrical equipment is output by the generator, which can prevent the vehicle from being unable to ignite due to the direct power supply of the battery, or the battery cannot be ignited or the battery is over-discharged and the battery is scrapped.

In general, if everything is normal, there is no safety problem when using the car inverter. If you want to use the car inverter to power the on-board electrical system after the car is parked, run the car engine as much as possible, otherwise it will cause the car battery to run out of power and cause damage to the car battery. At the same time, a sound car inverter should have the following maintenance functions: overvoltage protection, under voltage, overcurrent protection, high voltage maintenance and high temperature maintenance.

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