What is a Car Inverter and How does it Work?

What is a car inverter?

A car inverter is a kind of converter suitable for automobile power supply. Indirectness is a kind of power conversion from a DC power supply to an AC current. It can convert the 12V DC power supply of the car battery into 220V AC current. The 220V power supply in Laptops, mobile phones, and other devices can be charged in the car, and home appliances can be connected within a certain power range. The actual inverter is not a simple transformer, even a simple inverter is composed of complex circuits and various electrical components.

The car inverter is a convenient power converter for cars. Now the popularity of cars is high. When you go out to work or travel, you can use the inverter to connect the battery to drive electrical appliances and various tools. As a DC-to-AC converter used in mobile, the vehicle inverter power supply will bring a lot of convenience to life, and it is a kind of regular automotive electronic equipment for vehicles. The car inverter output through the cigarette lighter can be 20W, 40W, 80W, 120W up to 150W power specification. Even larger power inverters need to be connected to the battery through connecting wires. Connect household appliances to the output of the power converter, and you can use various appliances in the car as conveniently as at home.

150W car power inverter

How does a car inverter work?

Usually, the car inverter is mainly composed of an inverter bridge, filter circuit, control circuit, oscillator, etc. Its basic working principle is to convert the 12V DC power provided by the car battery into an AC current of about 30khz-50khz and 220V according to high voltage. Frequency PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) switching power supply technology. Subsequently, the 30kHz~50kHz and 220V AC current is converted into 50Hz and 220V AC current by using bridge rectification, filtering, pulse width modulation, and switching power supply output technology.

Tips for using the car inverter

First of all, it is necessary to choose a professional and regular factory-produced or distributed vehicle-mounted inverter product. For the convenience of some users, some DC appliances, such as mobile phone chargers, laptops, etc., do not use their own 220V power supply in the car, but are equipped with a simple adapter and directly plugged into the cigarette lighter. This is wrong. The voltage of the battery is not stable, and taking electricity directly may burn the electrical appliances, which is very unsafe and will greatly affect the service life of the electrical appliances, because the 220V power supply supplied by the original manufacturer is specially designed by the manufacturer for its electrical appliances, and has excellent stability.

In addition, when purchasing, it is necessary to check whether the car inverter has various protection functions, so as to ensure the safety of the battery and external electrical appliances. Also, pay attention to the waveform of the vehicle inverter. A square wave converter will cause an unstable power supply and may damage the electrical appliances used. Therefore, it is best to choose the latest type of vehicle inverter with a sine wave or a corrected sine wave.

Precautions for the use of car inverters

  1. When unplugging the electrical plug-in continuous use, be sure to confirm whether the switch of the electrical appliance is turned on "off" before unplugging the power plug. And unplug the car inverter.
  2. When replacing the fuse of the car inverter, please be sure to use the same model and specification fuse. Using a fuse or metal wire other than the specified specification will cause abnormal overheating and fire.
  3. Please clean up the dirt on the plug of the car inverter regularly to avoid poor contact or abnormal overheating of the inverter.
  4. After use or when the car inverter is not in use, please unplug this product from the outlet and keep it in a safe place. Please strictly abide by the precautions on the use of electrical appliances to use this product.

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