Buy Best Car Inverter for Laptop

What can you do if your laptop is out of power when you are facing heavy affairs in long-distance traveling by car? You may complain: My car doesn’t have a 110VAC power supply. I can't charge my laptop. Indeed our car is only equipped with one or more 12VDC power supply, we usually use it as a cigarette lighter. So it cannot supply AC 110V or 220V power to ordinary household appliances. At this time, if you have a car inverter, the laptop charging problem will be completely solved.

Currently, there are all kinds of car inverter in the market. Some are cheaper for dozens of dollars, and some are even thousands of dollars. The maximum power can reach from tens of watts to hundreds of watts. Then which car inverter is the best for a laptop?

The working principle of the car inverter

First, let's briefly explain the working principle of the car inverter. The car inverter is a small device that can convert 12V or 24V DC power into 110V or 220V AC power. The 12V/24V DC power is from the car battery. Through a car inverter, the car power will be converted to AC power and powered for household appliances.Best car inverter for laptop DC 12V to AC 110V/220V

The power of a general laptop is about 60W ~ 70W. So for the common user, buying a 150W car inverter is completely enough. Because most family cars have the power of 12VDC and <20A current, that is to say, it allows a maximum of about 230 watts of appliances. And even some older cars only allow the current of 10A. So we cannot blindly seek a high-power car inverter. Currently connecting a 12V inverter with power of 150W or less to the car for electrical appliance use is the best choice. For some outdoor workers, they need to use high-power electrical appliances to finish their work. So they can choose a power inverter with a higher power of 300W to 3000W, which should be connected to the car battery directly.

A 150W car inverter generally has the following characteristics:

  • Voltage: Input voltage DC 12V, output voltage AC 110V±10V or AC 220V±10V.
  • Power: Continuous power 150W, peak power 300W.
  • Dual USB port: 5V/1A USB port and 5V/2.1A USB port.
  • One AC outlet to charge the laptop, tablet, phone, and other mobile devices.
  • A power indicator, a digital display for current, and a card slot.
  • Internal cooling fan with 2-stage temperature control function
  • Overload protection, overheat protection, and short circuit protection.

A 150W DC 12V to AC 110V/220V car inverter has a small size of 82*64*38cm, a light weight of 0.3kg (0.66 lb), and a low price of $67.98. Its outstanding design is perfect for charging your laptop on the go. At the same time, you can also charge your phone or tablet with a USB port. However, it should be noted that the sum of the power of all charging devices at the same time cannot be greater than 150W.

Precaution for choosing a car inverter for laptop

When choosing the best car inverter for powering a laptop, consider these key factors to ensure compatibility, safety, and reliable performance.150W 12VDC car inverter for laptop interface description

Power requirements
Determine the power consumption of your laptop. Check the AC adapter or power brick for the wattage rating (typically around 60-90 watts for most laptops). Choose a car power inverter with a continuous power rating slightly higher than your laptop's wattage to ensure smooth operation. For example, if your laptop requires 70 watts, consider an inverter rated for at least 100 watts to accommodate any power surges or additional devices.

Waveform type
Opt for a pure sine wave inverter if your laptop's AC adapter specifies pure sine wave compatibility. Pure sine wave inverters provide clean and stable power similar to what you get from household outlets, ensuring compatibility and safe operation for sensitive electronics like laptops. If budget is a concern, a modified sine wave inverter may suffice for some laptops, but it's generally safer to choose a pure sine wave inverter to avoid potential issues with device performance or lifespan.

Size and portability
Consider the physical size and portability of the inverter, especially if space in your vehicle is limited. Compact inverters are easier to store and install. Ensure the inverter can be securely mounted or placed in a convenient location within your vehicle, such as near the front console or dashboard.

Safety features
Look for inverters with essential safety features such as overload protection, short circuit protection, and over-temperature shutdown. These features protect both your laptop and the inverter from damage due to power surges or overheating.

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