Precautions for Using Car Inverter

As a DC-to-AC converter used in mobile, the car power inverter will bring a lot of convenience to our life. And it is a standing vehicle electronic equipment. Today, we will briefly introduce the precautions that should be paid attention to when using the car inverter.

  1. Use the car inverter strictly in accordance with the user manual. In normal use, the input fuse of the car inverter is burned out, it is best not to replace it yourself. 99% of car inverter input fuse blows are due to input MOSFET breakdown. If you replace the fuse and continue to use it, it is easy to burn the fuse on the car. The correct way is to contact the dealer or the after-sales service of the manufacturer.
  2. The output voltage of the car inverter is 220 volts AC. And this 220 volt is in a small space and is mobile, so be extra careful. It should be kept in a relatively safe place (especially away from children!) to prevent electric shock. When not in use, it is best to cut off its input power.Car power inverter
  3. The ambient temperature of the car inverter should not exceed 40℃. Do not place too many things around when the car inverter is working. In summer, do a good job of ventilation and heat dissipation of the car inverter. Do not place the car inverter in direct sunlight or near the heater outlet. In rainy days, you should also pay attention to protecting the car inverter from rain and water. The car inverter is afraid of water, so do not expose it to rain or water.
  4. The DC voltage should be the same. Each car power inverter has a DC voltage value, such as 12V, 24V, etc. The selection of battery voltage must be consistent with the DC input voltage of the car inverter. For example, a 12V car inverter must select a 12V battery.
  5. The output power of the car inverter must be greater than the power used by the electrical appliance. For electrical appliances with high power at startup, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, the output power of the car inverter should be left with a larger margin.
  6. The positive and negative poles of the battery must be correctly connected with the positive and negative poles marked on the DC voltage of the car inverter. Red is positive (+) and black is negative (-). The battery is also marked with positive and negative poles, red is positive (+), black is negative (-). When the two are connected, they must be connected to positive (red to red) and negative to negative (black to black). The diameter of the connecting wire must be thick enough, and the length of the connecting wire should be minimized.
  7. Charging and reversing cannot be performed at the same time. That is, the charging plug cannot be inserted into the electrical circuit of the car inverter output during reversing.
  8. The interval between two startups is not less than 5 seconds (cut off the input power).
  9. Please wipe with dry cloth or anti-static cloth to keep the machine clean.
  10. Before connecting the input and output of the machine, please ground the casing of the machine correctly.
  11. In order to avoid accidents, users are strictly prohibited to open the case for operation and use.
  12. When you suspect that the machine is faulty, please do not continue to operate and use it. The input and output should be cut off in time, and the maintenance should be checked and maintained by qualified maintenance personnel or maintenance units.
  13. When connecting the battery, make sure that there are no other metal objects on your hands, so as to avoid short circuit of the battery and burn the human body.
  14. The inverter suddenly ignites when using the car inverter in a parked state. When the vehicle is ignited, a high impulse voltage will be generated, which is easy to break down the MOSFET device of the car inverter and cause damage to the car inverter. The correct way is to turn off the car inverter first, then ignite, and then continue to use the car inverter after the car ignites.
  15. When using a high-power car inverter, such as electrical appliances above 150W, the car inverter must use the battery clip wire to directly draw power from the battery. The car cigarette lighter fuse is generally 15A, and it is only suitable for electrical appliances with a rated power below 150W. If it exceeds 150W, you must use the battery clip wire to directly draw power from the battery, otherwise it will burn the car wiring and fuse.
  16. Do not touch the output terminal directly with your hands. Although the power of the car inverter is very small, it will also get an electric shock.
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