Precautions for Choosing a Car Inverter

Car inverter is a kind of convenient car power converter that can convert 12V direct current into 220V alternating current which is the same as mains power for general electrical appliances.

From the output waveform, the car inverter can be divided into sine wave output and square wave output. The former outputs the same sine wave alternating current as the power grid we use every day, which can adapt to various loads, but the circuit structure is more complicated and the volume is larger. The latter circuit is simple, but it is picky about the load and cannot drive the inductive load.


Power selection

Looking at various inverters, how should we choose a car inverter? First of all, we need to know which electrical equipment is needed in the car, and then select the inverter specification according to its power. Also consider the fusing current of the car's cigarette lighter fuse.

If the power of the electrical appliance to be used exceeds 180W, the high-power inverter can be directly connected to the battery through the battery connection cable. But this method can only be used in emergency, not for a long time, otherwise it will cause damage to the battery itself. The output power of the on-board inverter must be greater than the electrical power used, so to ensure that it can fully start.

Output Interface

After selecting the specifications of the inverter, let's take a look at the output interface of the inverter itself. At present, many electrical appliances use plugs. This requires a 3-hole interface on the inverter. In addition, there are also many USB interfaces. Therefore, it is best to choose 3 types of interfaces to have an inverter.

Car inevrter output waveform

Output waveform

In addition, according to the difference of output current waveform, car inverter is divided into pure sine inverter and modified sine inverter. Among them, the pure sine inverter has stable power supply, and ordinary electrical appliances can basically be driven well. However, the modified sine wave is actually closer to the square wave, and the quality of the output current is poor, which will cause certain damage to some electrical equipment.

Although the price difference between these two inverters is very large, if it is used for a long time, we still recommend that you choose a pure sine inverter. Because no matter what type of electrical equipment it is, you don't have to worry too much when using a pure sine inverter to power it.

Protective function

When choosing a car inverter, be sure to check whether it has over-temperature protection, over-current protection and short-circuit protection. These functions do not only provide protection for the inverter itself. More importantly, it avoids damage to electrical equipment.

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