Power Inverter FAQ

1. Power inverter how it works?

Power inverter is a device that can directly convert DC power to AC power. It can be used for car/RV/truck/house. The DC power is from the car battery or home battery. The AC power converted by power inverter can be directly used for charging the phone/laptop/iPad or powering electric fan/refrigerator in the car.

2. How to calculate the power of power inverter according to my car battery?

If the specification of the battery is DC 12 volt/ 120 Ah, the output power of the battery is: 12v * 120 Ah = 1440 watts. That means, the battery can provide a maximum power of 1440 watts for a power inverter. So the power selection of power inverter should be lower than 1440W. The 1000W 12V DC to 220V AC power inverter is a good choice.
1000W 12V DC to 110V/220V AC power inverter

3. What is the efficiency of power inverter?

When it works the power inverter will consume a part of the input power. The output power will be lower than the input power. That efficiency of the power inverter is the ratio of output power and input power. If the input power is 100 watts (from DC power), and the output power is 80 watts (for AC power). Then the efficiency of power inverter is 80%.

When we using a power inverter, it is better not powered the device for more than 80% of the rated power, and not to be continuously used for a long time.

4. What are the continuous power and peak power of the power inverter?

When we use electrical motors or tools, such as refrigerators, washing machines and electric drills, the starting current is very big. After starting only a small current can keep it working. Therefore, the power inverter has continuous power and peak power for the requirements of the above inductive loads. Continuous power is the rated output power. The peak power is generally 2 times of the rated power.

5. Can I use the power inverter for my car when the engine is turned off?

Yes, when using for 300 watts load, the general car battery can provide power approximately 25-55 minutes in the case of the engine is turned off. If the load is a laptop with 40 watts, the power time will be longer. The power inverter has an under-voltage warning and under-voltage protection circuit. If the battery voltage drops to 10 volts, the under-voltage protection circuit is activated, and the output voltage is cut off. It will prevent the battery voltage is too low and had a start accident of the car engine. If we prepare another battery and connected to the car battery, then the working time of the power inverter can be doubled.

6. What are the important things when using a power inverter?

The power inverter output voltage is 220V AC or 110V AC. When in a relatively small space and moveable state, people should pay special attention to it. It is best to place a power inverter in a safe place to prevent electric shock. When not in use, be sure to cut off its power.

A power inverter cannot be placed in a warm air outlet or near the location or direct sunlight. Other objects cannot be placed on the power inverter or nearby. Don't put it in rain or sprinkled with water, mainly because of the power inverter is very afraid of the water, it may damage if water enters.

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