Pure Sine Wave Inverter Applications

The pure sine wave inverter does not have the problem of electromagnetic pollution in the power grid, and the output is the same pure sine wave alternating current as of the mains. It has stronger load capacity, can carry the inductive load and any type of general-purpose AC load, has low noise with inductive load, and has no effect on the performance and life of the load.

In contemporary times, we now need a large amount of power supply, and the convenience brought to us by pure sine wave inverters is obvious. Protection devices make us safer when using electricity. Pure sine wave inverte

Pure sine wave inverters are also used in transportation systems, small passenger cars, cars, RVs, large trucks, motor trains, trains, airplanes and other transportation vehicles. Generally, the above types of transportation equipment are the operation of DC power. With the improvement of our quality of life, users can pick up some AC loads to meet our new needs when choosing equipment. These all require the conversion of direct current to the alternating current through an inverter. The direct supply of these devices has also brought us some convenience.

In fact, there are many applications for 12/24/48V pure sine wave inverters. They are also widely used in railways, industrial control, communication and exchange vehicles, civil offices, industrial and agricultural fields, military medical fields, transportation, etc. Pure sine wave inverter not only brings convenience to current conversion but also brings us different protection measures, such as over-voltage protection, overload protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection, short circuit protection, positive and negative protection, etc. The safest and most perfect experience for our users. It also protects the safety of users.

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