The Benefits of Using a UPS inverter in Case of Power Failure

With the popularity of ups, more and more ups inverters are used in homes. There are several common power issues a ups Inverter can help protect you against:

Problems ups inverter can be solvedBlackout. This is probably the most familiar problem, which is the complete loss of electrical supply due to utility equipment/power grid failure, natural disasters or human error. The blackout may last from a few seconds to a few days.

Brownout. Also known as a voltage dip or under voltage, occasionally power still reaches your electronic device, but at reduced voltage, for an extended amount of time. Rarer than blackouts, oftentimes this happens due to compromised power resources or reduced power flow in high demand circumstances.

Frequency variation. This is a problem that can arise when 2000 watt pure sine wave ups inverter connected to power generators, when the generator is no longer synced to the power system within a desired frequency.

Harmonic distortion. Sawtooth pulse current generated by electronic equipment (including ups system itself), rather than smooth sine wave current.

Line noise. Also known as frequency noise, is caused by interference from stray electromagnetic signals within standard AC currents. Line noise can be caused by other AC-connected electronics, radio wave interference, generators, or thunderstorms. It can hinder the performance of electronic circuits.

Overvoltage. Fundamentally, a small surge, also known as expansion, is higher than the normal voltage duration than a surge. It could last a few minutes or even several days.

Power Surge/Spike. Also called "transient voltage", this is a brief, unexpected increase in voltage outside normal limits for wall outlets (typically 0 and 169 volts, or greater than 110% of normal output). Lightning strikes can cause massive electrical surges that can damage or destroy equipment in an instant. Even a small surge from a faulty contactor can cause permanent damage over time.

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