Why is the UPS Inverter not Synchronized?

The ups inverter is a combination of ups and inverter. When the mains input is abnormal, the ups will invert the mains input according to the ups inverter frequency. The frequency of the generator's power generation is extremely unstable, and it may exceed the frequency range of the ups inverter to track the utility power.

The unsynchronization of the ups inverter will also cause corresponding consequences, which will cause the ups inverter to not work. First we need to know what is the reason why the ups inverter in home power inverter is out of sync. In this article, we will introduce in detail.

3000W ups inverter

  • When the output voltage of the converter exceeds the specified upper or lower limit due to failure in operation.
  • When fault signals are sent from the "System Fault" circuit on the ups logic control board, the fault may be caused by the low DC power supply voltage required by the ups inverter when the temperature rises too high for a long time.
  • When the static switch logic control board detects an overload signal that lasts too long. After the load is switched from the ups inverter power supply channel to the AC bypass power supply channel, the ups automatically switches the load back to the inverter power supply state after a proper delay.
  • The ups indicates that the inverter is out of sync with the bypass. When the ups inverter is working, the bypass has no power, if the bypass is working. Inverters don't work, there is a static transfer switch between them control! The ups provides synchronous and asynchronous modes. Synchronization means that the switching interval is 0 mm, which does not cause load power failure. If the power inverter not synchronized, there is a 10 mm time difference, which can cause the load to be cut off. So we usually want to synchronize it.
  • The battery powers the inverter, which converts the battery's direct current into the required alternating current. The 3000W ups inverter does not work without batteries. When the ups inverter starts, the battery discharge current is usually high. If the battery is often in high current, and the discharge state and the inverter power difference is large, it will affect the service life of the battery.
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