What are the Benefits of Home Electrical Energy Monitor?

It's an electrical equipment that provides us a feedback about the electrical energy usage on our home or building, it displays how much energy is used, and the cost of used energy. Many types of such monitors are existing in the market with different capabilities, but the best is the one displays the energy consumed by each appliances and indicate how often it consumed energy. Actually there are many benefits we harvest when installing such energy monitoring devices, especially for home owners who do not know their energy usage in the past, and are looking for energy saving. Here will introduce some of these benefits as following.

Home electrical energy monitor

  • You and your family will be aware of how much energy you use, so you will have a strong incentive to do better with energy conservation, in other word, you will unplug devices when you are not use, you will turn lights off when you do not need, etc, those are simple instructions, but have much impact in reducing energy consumption and saving much money. So, we recommend to put the monitoring device in a visible place, so all family members can view it. And of course if you will be able to track all your home appliances individually, then you will be able to achieve much more energy saving.
  • You will be fully aware of how much money you spend on electrical energy consumption per day, week or month.
  • It helps us discovering the devices lift on if we did not realize that, as accidently we may leave a fan, or a lamp on while we do not need it, but as checking monitoring device becomes a routine action, we shall notice oddities, and correct such mistake quickly. Such as solar on grid tie inverter, it can connected to the solar panels, automatically adapt to different load power factor.
  • You will re-consider high energy consumption appliances, as you will be aware of them, also, you may take a decision to no longer use a certain appliance or you may purchase a counterpart that consumes less electricity (higher efficiency).
  • Because you become well aware of your energy consumption, you will change your appliances usage plan to save elasticity, like replacing inefficient old incandescent lamps with high efficient led lamps, reducing dishwasher using time, etc.
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