What do Wind Turbines Need to Check?

With the development of science and technology, the types and numbers of wind turbine are increasing. As new units are continuously invested, the units must continue to age. The fault inspection of wind turbines is also becoming more and more important. Today, we will introduce common fault checks.

Main control system

The main control system is one of the core components of the wind turbine. It mainly controls the normal and stable operation of the wind turbine by sending logical judgments and action commands. After in-depth investigation and research, it is found that the most common wind turbine control system is mainly based on PLC modular design and backplane bus connection.

Although the application of this control method provides strong technical support for the efficient operation of wind turbines, due to the practical application of this control method, various electronic devices are often affected by external factors. For example, the digital or analog signal input and output of the module itself is abnormal, and the module indicator light is off.Wind turbine

In response to such failures, maintenance personnel mainly adopt the method of refreshing the program or directly replacing the components. In addition, for the diagnosis and maintenance of external faults during the operation of wind turbines, maintenance personnel mainly rely on the background monitoring of the alarm prompts issued by the SCADA system to quickly determine the fault location of external devices, and then take corresponding measures to deal with them.


The gearbox is one of the important components of the transmission chain of the doubly-fed wind turbine. It mainly plays an important role in connecting the main shaft and the generator.
When maintaining the gearbox on a daily basis, maintenance personnel should not only pay full attention to the inspection of the tightness of the gearbox pipeline, end cover, center hole, cooler and other parts, but also carefully observe whether the gearbox has oil leakage or damage.

Periodically open the gearbox observation hole or use tools such as endoscopes. Check the flow rate of the fuel injection pipe of the gearbox and the size of the fuel injection to avoid affecting the normal and stable operation of the wind turbine due to the failure of the gearbox.

Pitch system

The pitch system is not only the most important actuator of the wind turbine, but also a key factor affecting the speed control efficiency of the wind turbine system and the utilization rate of wind energy. As a kind of rotation, the pitch system imposes strict requirements on the torque of the bolts and devices in the hub and the tightness of the connection, so it increases the probability of the pitch system failure.
In order to ensure the normal and stable operation of the wind turbine, the maintenance personnel must do a good job in checking the faults of the components in the hub of the pitch system in strict accordance with the requirements during the daily maintenance process.


As an indispensable core component of wind turbines, generators play an important role in converting rotating mechanical energy into electrical energy and continuously supplying power resources to the electrical system. With the increasing capacity of wind turbines, the size of wind turbine generators is also increasing. These problems have increased the difficulty of the generator sealing protection work to a certain extent.

Since the generator continues to work under different working conditions or electromagnetic conditions, there will be problems such as excessive generator vibration, bearing heating, rotor rod breakage, insulation damage, etc., so strengthen the daily inspection and maintenance of the generator. The timely discovery and resolution of problems arising during the operation of generators will greatly promote the improvement of the operating efficiency of wind power generators.


Blades are key components in wind power systems that absorb wind energy. In general, blades are made of fiber-reinforced composite materials.

The detection of blades by wind power enterprises is mainly by analyzing the stress change and failure of materials in different stress environments, and using infrared imaging detection equipment to accurately determine whether there is a problem with the blades. Since cracks and peeling on the blade surface will affect the distribution of thermal radiation energy, the staff can accurately detect and analyze the cracks on the surface of parts with the help of infrared imaging detection method.

And the staff can timely find out the operation process of the wind turbine. Then the stuff can take active and effective measures for maintenance to ensure that the safe and stable operation of the wind turbine is not affected.
In addition, if the surface of the blade is found to be falling off during the inspection process, the staff should first glue the part that has fallen off firmly. And after confirming that it is firmly bonded, grind the blade to make it consistent with the shape of the original blade.

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