What is the History of Solar Energy System?

It is not a surprise to know that the human has been using the sun energy since the seventh century BC, the first use was just to magnify the solar energy via the glass to light fire, and at that time, archimedes succeeded to fire wooden ships via solar energy using the bronze material. 

In the past, they used large windows to heat up their homes via sun, and they face their home to the sun to keep them worm.

The first solar collector was made in 1767 by scientist called De Saussure, it was like solar oven, afterwards, a scientist called Antoine Lavosier discovered the photo-voltaic phenomena of silicon material, in which "photo" means the light, and "voltaic" means the electricity, and that was the first start of modern solar energy which already conducted in the year 1839. And in the year 1990, we start to see many solar energy materials discovers, like copper, cadmium and others.

The history of solar energy system

In fact, the silicon solar cell was discovered at 1954, and its efficiency at that time was 4%, as only 4% of sun light could be converted to electricity.

During the time of cold war, the world researches were directed in how to use solar energy to power the satellites, until the year of 1959, it was the first launch of solar power satellite.

In 1970, the solar power price starts to reduce from approximately 100USD per one watt to approx. 20USD per one watt, and became used in different applications, especially remote applications, and at the year 1977, total solar panel the world produced was around 500KW capacity via small numbers of specialized solar companies. Afterwards, and in the year of 1982, the world produced 9300KW of solar panels power inverter then it increased year after year.

In 1985, the solar companies start anew challenge to increase the solar panel efficiency, and they succeeded to increase the efficiency up to 16%, and 20%.

Nowadays, the world solar panel production reached up to approximately 40MW or more per year, and the typical solar panel efficiency is approx. 16%. At the end, we still confirm that it will be promising and excited future for solar power industry.

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