What Kinds of Batteries Can be Used in Solar Energy System?

Actually there are different batteries types we can use in our solar system with different prices, usage and benefits, that is why we should study well to select the best type for our system conditions. And here is a list for the existing 3 different types in the market: lithium ion battery, lead acid battery and gel battery. In this article, we will talk about these batteries.

Lithium and lead acid and gel battery

  • Lithium ion Battery. This type is commonly used for most of solar systems. Its popular to be used in outdoor application, because it withstands harsh weather than other types, so, we use it in trail cameras, in remote areas, and many other outdoor applications. In addition, it has high performance, its capacity and life cycle is very good, and its compact with lower size and weight, compared to other types. Its stable, very safe and rarely needs maintenance. The only disadvantages of this type is its cost, as its price is around 3-4 times other types, but honestly it worth the extra price in most cases. Lithium batteries are often used inĀ sine wave inverters and ups inverters.
  • Lead Acid Battery. It has been used since more than 150 years, and it has 2 big advantages; its affordable and recyclable. In addition, it's easy to take care about after its life span passed. Lithium batteries are often used in pure sine wave inverter and ups inverter. The lead acid batteries have 3 kinds (flooded, sealed, and AGM "absorbed glass mat". For flooded lead acid batteries, every battery cell is submerged in water, it emits gases, so should be well ventilated and it has daily charging cycle. They need regular maintenance, as you have to add water every 2 months in order to keep the plates submerged properly. For sealed lead acid batteries, they do Not need regular checkup, as it is self-contained battery system and its Not hazardous. For AGM lead acid batteries, it usually used when you want to place the batteries on its side to be used in electric vehicle or electronics or other application that requires this feature.
  • Gel Battery. Actually we do Not recommend to use this type because it has few advantages and many disadvantages compared to other types. As for the advantages, they require low maintenance, durable and withstand vibration, but for the disadvantages, they easily damage in case of overcharging or due to improper use, they have low ampere hour capacity, and tend to be expensive.
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