Why Use Deep Cycle Battery for Solar Energy Storage?

How Solar Panels Work and Where They Store ElectricityUsing solar systems to generate electricity is a great way to protect the environment from pollutions resulted from using traditional fossil fuel power generation stations. The solar panel system consists of number of components, we have to install and connect all together, so the system can generate electricity in a reliable way. The most important part that the solar system should include, is the battery bank with high quality and reliability.

Actually without such batteries, the whole solar system may be worthless, as although the solar system generates electricity without the presence of batteries, but how can we power our electrical devices at night time in which no solar energy, and how we can overnight operate/use our electrical derives? In addition, without batteries, we cannot make use of the extra generated electrical in day time, beyond our electrical equipment needs to run in day time. Also, without batteries, we shall not have backup power when we disconnected from the power grid for any reason.

There are some different kinds of solar batteries in the market, and each kind has different specifications, price, and usage benefits than others. So, we have to check well in which type will be the most suited for our system than other, and which kind price can be covered by our budget, it is really differing from one situation to other.

The four main types of solar system batteries in the market are lead acid batteries, lithium ion batteries, Nickel based batteries and flow batteries. And as said, each type has its own technology and characteristics. Approx., 80% of solar system usage in the market is form lithium ion batteries, because this type of batteries is stable, and compact, so it is popularly used in laptop, cell phones and other small electronic devices. 

Solar batteries with deep cycle (high capacity), and longer time duration will permit us to store all surplus electricity generated at the day time to be used after sunset providing us the ability to operate our electrical appliances when there is Not available solar energy.

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