Working Principle of Hybrid Solar Inverter

Hybrid solar inverters combine solar energy with another energy source. It operates as a unit. For example, solar inverters can combine solar energy with energy from batteries. When solar energy is combined with wind energy, greener hybrid solar inverters can be obtained.

Do you know how does a hybrid solar inverter work? Next we will talk about it.

How does a hybrid solar inverter work?

To understand how a hybrid solar inverter works, it is first necessary to understand how a solar inverter works. It is an important part of the solar system.Hybrid solar inverter

Solar inverters convert the energy produced by photovoltaic panels into a form that can be used in the home. Photovoltaic panels or solar panels of a solar system capture solar energy. Sunlight is made up of small packets of energy called photons. Photovoltaic panels absorb these photons and convert the light energy into electricity. The materials in photovoltaic panels have electrons that can be detached from their outer shells when photons strike them. Once electron photons knock electrons out of their shells, they become free. The electric field then pulls these free electrons in the desired direction. This is how it generates electricity. However, this electricity is direct current. Now, the job of the inverter is to convert this electrical energy into a usable form. It uses insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) to do the job. IGBTs are solid state devices, that is, they are solid state electronic tools that allow current to pass through them. Plus, they're durable and don't consume much power.

In addition to this, the hybrid solar inverter has a backup system. Usually, this is a battery. It helps the inverter store energy in the battery as long as additional energy is available. It can use this energy when needed. Therefore, it can provide energy in an emergency.

Hybrid solar inverters can also combine solar and wind energy. Also, it can have a backup battery. It manages electricity and switches to solar, wind or batteries when needed.

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