3 Steps to Repair Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Pure sine wave inverter applications in the long term, it is inevitable due to the combined effect of a number of internal and external factors and the emergence of certain failure, thus affecting the normal use of the device. Then, we need to find specialized service personnel to repair the fault detection. This article will introduce the pure sine wave inverter during maintenance.

1. Cut off the input and output

The pure sine wave inverter in the event of failure, to avoid failure to further increase, then it cannot continue to operate and use. Maintenance personnel should immediately cut off the input and output, and the corresponding components one by one investigation to determine the fault location. And then, make the appropriate repair process according to the fault location.
Pure sine wave inverter2. Confirm that do not have metal objects on hands

Pure sine wave inverter during maintenance when the maintenance staff also needs to make sure does not have any other metal objects. As in the maintenance, they might want to reconnect the battery, the presence of metal objects can cause the battery short-circuit, burns the maintenance staff.

3. Prepare professional repair tools

Maintenance personnel in the maintenance of the pure sine wave inverter, when preparing its professional maintenance tools to do the preparatory work in advance, and only complete professional tools in order to better assist maintenance personnel to more quickly find the fault position by continuously detection coupled to confirm, and then take a certain approach to the maintenance service.

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