How to Carry out Daily Maintenance of Wind Turbines?

No matter what kind of tools, there will be a life limit. The service life of wind turbines is usually twenties years. But does this mean that we can use wind turbines without worrying about their maintenance? The answer is negative. Even if the lifespan of a wind turbine is twenties years, we still need to do some regular maintenance. Today we will introduce the basic maintenance of wind turbines.

Basically checking

Daily operation and maintenance include troubleshooting and inspection. But before that, let's understand what it basically checks.

First of all, carefully check whether the safety platform and ladder inside the blade are firm.Wind turbines

Whether the lift is working properly?

Whether the lighting in the tower is good?

Whether the gauge pressure of the hydraulic station is normal?

Whether the hydraulic oil and gearbox oil levels are in normal positions?

Whether there is wear and tear between the rotating parts?

Whether the indication of the gear oil and hydraulic oil filter is in the normal position and the running sound, etc.

The second is listening. Listen to the control cabinet to see:

If there is a discharge sound or abnormal sound?

If there is a sound, there may be loose terminals or poor contact, and you must check carefully.

Listen to whether the sound during yaw is normal?

Whether there is a dry grinding sound?

And listen to the gear box, whether there is any abnormal sound?

Listen to whether there is any abnormal sound between the brake disc and the brake pad?

Listen to the working sound of the generator and whether there is any abnormal sound of the bearing?

And listen to whether the wind cutting sound of the blade is normal?

Third, clean up the work site after work, so as to observe whether there is leakage in future work.

Daily operation and maintenance


Daily operation and maintenance include troubleshooting and inspection. Now, let’s move to the troubleshooting of the wind turbine. Troubleshooting is mainly to predict, detect and eliminate wind power equipment faults. Troubleshooting is not easy to determine in terms of time, and there is no fixed work content. It requires personnel to have relatively strong technical strength, especially with professional skills in electrical and communication. This work is also one of the most technical and challenging tasks in the operation and maintenance of wind turbines.

People are the key factor. The work experience, technical level and knowledge reserve of personnel determine the speed and effect of processing, which directly affects the normal operation of wind power. Excellent troubleshooting personnel generally need the technical skills (or equivalent experience) of an engineer or above, and have about 2 years of work experience in similar models. The training of troubleshooting personnel takes a long time, and the personnel cost is relatively high.Wind turbine

Nowadays, personnel in this area are mainly employed by complete machine manufacturers and some key component manufacturers. Now, due to the different models of different manufacturers and different control systems, the cross-company mobility of technicians is not great. Even for excellent engineers, it takes more than half a year to adapt after changing a model. Therefore, such personnel need to focus on long-term training.


Inspection refers to the regular inspection of equipment during routine maintenance. It is about once a month (or once in February), and each unit takes about 4 working hours. The working method is mainly visual, or simple testing, sometimes combined with troubleshooting.

The work content is relatively fixed, the main content includes checking the tightness and testing of small connectors, observing oil level, pressure, wear of moving parts, checking cable layout, component sound, and smell inside the unit.
The inspection work is conducive to the mastery of the operation of the equipment, and can timely deal with the small problems in the operation of the wind turbine to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the wind turbine.

The inspection work is not difficult and the technical requirements are not strict, but it is difficult to have a fixed requirement to summarize all the work content. The experience of the inspector is very important, generally more than 1 year of work experience. As far as possible, arrange personnel who have a better understanding of wind turbines to participate, or engineers with certain fault handling experience to conduct inspection work.

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