Solar Charge Controller Troubleshooting

With the rapid development of the solar industry, solar charge controllers have now begun to spread all over the world, from our home power generation to street lighting, and finally to our transportation solar RV. The solar charge controller has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that it is fully intelligent, fully automatic, and fully humanized. The disadvantage is that it is prone to failure. Buying a high-quality solar charge controller can reduce the occurrence of failures. has listed several reasons for the failure for you, hoping to help you.

The solar panel cannot charge the battery.

  1. Confirm whether the solar panel is connected correctly, and whether the positive and negative poles are reversed.
  2. Whether the solar panel is blocked.
  3. Whether the specifications of the solar panel are correct. Whether the open circuit voltage meets the requirements of the controller.
  4. Whether the power of the solar panel exceeds the rated value of the controller. Too much power may cause the solar smart controller to burn out.

Solar charge controller

Solar charge controller battery full soon and dead

  1. Whether the battery capacity design is reasonable, the capacity is too small, and the use time is naturally short.
  2. The battery is aging, the service life of the battery is generally 2-3 years, the capacity of the battery is attenuated greatly, and the battery needs to be replaced regularly.
  3. Check whether the battery is short-circuited during the installation process. The capacity of the battery damaged by the short circuit is greatly reduced.
  4. The load power exceeds the design power.

Solar charge controller load does not work.

  1. Confirm whether the working voltage of the load is consistent with the output voltage of the controller.
  2. Whether the load is short-circuited and overloaded.
  3. Has the controller load output been manually turned off?
  4. Whether the battery voltage is too low or too high to cause the controller load protection.
  5. Whether the load output has a delay setting. sells high quality solar charge controllers with 20A, 40A, 60A MPPT controllers and 20A, 30A, 40A PWM charge control options.

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