What Can the Monitoring System Do?

It's really an important matter to monitor the generation of the solar system, and zthe market nowadays doing such task and providing you the balance between the 2 amount of electrical energies.

Monitoring equipment nowadays not only providing energy measurements, but you will be able to control both circuits as well. Also, the monitoring equipment will help you understanding your system well, so can maintain the solar photovoltaic system, and reduce your electricity consumption.

The solar systems installers become offering smart monitoring system, which can do many tasks related monitoring and control. Moreover, the monitoring equipment became coming with email alert function, so can inform you when the fault happened, so you can take rapid corrective action accordingly.

Generally, monitoring your energy consumption means recording the consumed energy that flow in your meter, converting it to digital data, and then send to a certain platform to process and provide real time data. The smart meter is installed beside your electrical energy meter to get the real measurements, sending to your mobile application, and this will highly assist you understanding your energy consumption pattern based on your lifestyle, and habits.

By the aid of the monitoring system, you will be able to know your energy consumption at a certain moment, but not a breakdown for your individual electrical equipment! However surely you can know the electrical consumption for a single equipment through specialized measuring units that will be connected to all your individual home appliances to provide real time measurements for each.

Running mode

Nowadays, there are smart plugs that can be simply used for most of home appliances and communicate with your Wi-Fi system to send measurement from individual socket, its great feature to identify which one of your appliances consume much electricity even its in standby mode. So, you can decide how, when and how long you will use, also to decide if you will be needing to replace it with more energy efficient appliance. Inverter.com provides WIFI for each Micro Inverter. It supports iOS/ Android phones, and can monitor dc input display, AC output display, power supply and other information by connecting app.

Implementing such aforementioned monitoring techniques will surely welcome you to join the modern energy conscious community. 

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