Buy Grid Tie Inverter for Your Solar System

What is grid tie solar system?

Grid tie system is a solar system incorporates solar panels, grid tie solar inverter and other components to convert sun light into usable AC electricity while your house/premises remain hooked up to the electric utility, consequently your house still be fed with electricity even after the sun light disappears at the night (from the electric utility), and at the day time, the solar system will take the responsibility!

So, this grid tie solar system differs from off grid solar system in where your house/premises will not be hooked up to the electrical utility.

Why do we need to buy a grid tie inverter for solar system?

Three phase grid tie solar inverter

Actually, there are many great incentives stand behind buying a grid tie inverter for our solar systems, let us summarize as following:

First: Buy a grid tie inverter for your solar system will reduces your electricity bill, as you no longer depend on the electric utility alone. And for some months, you will not even pay the electricity bill.

Second: Your premises will consume most or all their electricity requirements from the solar system, and you installed an on grid inverter, sometimes your grid tied solar system will produce an excess power which your loads may not need, so it pushed back to electric utility. By installing 2 energy meters, one of them to measure the energy your premise consumes and the other to measure the energy pushed in electric utility, you will know how many kilo watts hour electricity your system generate and how many kilo watts hour electricity pushed back to the electric utility, and this called Net metering.

So, at the end your solar PV grid tie system will return back its price in a certain number of years and you will continue getting your energy saving longer after. An economical feasible study usually done by the grid tie solar system specialists to indicate the return back of investment.

Third: If you buy a grid tie inverter for your solar system, the value of your premises that have the grid tie solar system will be go higher, it will be more attractive to potential buyer in compared to same premises without solar system. And this will help you much if you decide one day to sell your premises especially in a tight real estate market.

Fourth: You will get considerable rebates, taxes credit, and/or low inters loan that are offered by most of governments and electric utilities all over the world.

Fifth: Buying grid tie inverter for solar system will not need maintenance, except just cleaning the solar panel surfaces, so can collect higher amount of sun beams and produce high amount of electrical energy.

Sixth: Of course, grid tied solar system is a clean source of generating electricity, no fossil fuel will be required, and no carbon emission will be existing! So, you assist in protecting our environment and avoid climate changes side effects which we become seeing it happened these days.

Buy a grid tie solar inverter for your grid tied system on store, we provides 300W to 50kW pure sine wave grid tie inverters to meet your specific needs.

Grid tied solar system


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