Can A Portable Solar Generator Power Refrigerator?

A modern, self-contained refrigerator requires 35-100W of power per hour to operate, while a 15-cubic-foot refrigerator requires 300-400W of solar power. The size, capacity and temperature of any refrigerator will affect its power consumption.

Portable solar generator and fridge

What Solar Generator Size is Right For A Refrigerator?

If there is a 15 cu refrigerator. It needs 1200W and 150W to run. Home refrigerators run whole day, but they run intermittently, so they typically run 8 hours a day. (150W x 8 – 1200W)

This is also the total required starting power. To be on the safe side, replace the 1200W starting power and 150W running power with a 1500W solar generator.

You can use the same calculation for any size refrigerator. Just remember that you should always leave some extra buffer for your solar generator. This is not a waste of money. It just means you are careful. After all, you never know how strong the sun will be today, tomorrow or the day after.

The good thing about solar generators is that they come in different sizes and have a variety of power output options. If solar production is limited, you can connect the solar power station to an AC wall outlet.

How To Reduce Freezer Power Consumption?

  • Pack The Freezer. The freezer works best when it is full. If you can't fill it with food, put some ice in the nooks and crannies. The opposite is true for refrigerators. You should make it 2/3 full at most. Filling it up will force the refrigerator to work harder and the air will circulate unevenly.
  • Proper Food Storage. The coldest place in the refrigerator should be poultry, meat, condiments, and protein. The rest can be stored in a cooler place inside, not necessarily the coldest place. This is where an upright freezer has an advantage over a cabinet freezer because there are shelves to organize.
  • Do not Put Hot Food in Refrigerator. Here's a simple rule: Wait until hot food cools before putting it in the refrigerator. The hotter the food, the more solar energy the refrigerator uses. The cooler the food, the less energy is required. Let it come to room temperature before putting food in.
  • Keep Refrigerator Lid Shut. If you must open the lid, do it quickly and close immediately. The longer the refrigerator door is open, the more energy is required to lower the temperature again. This also applies to refrigerators.
  • Defrost Regularly. If your refrigerator needs to be thawed, thaw it regularly. The more ice in the refrigerator, the more energy it uses. The general rule is: if the ice is one centimeter thick, it's time to thaw.

Not only is the power of solar generators increasing, but the electricity demand for refrigerators is also decreasing. That's why they are such an ideal combination. Whether you need a powerful refrigerator and freezer combo, or a portable camping device, there's a solar generator for you.

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