How to Run a Welder on Solar Generator?

Welders are no longer limited to factories, as DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists, almost everyone can buy a welder for their home workshop. But is it possible to drive a welder with solar power? Or will this tool consume too much energy?

The welder power requirement formula is: voltage x amps / efficiency = watts / kilowatts

To give an example: 24V x 150 amps / 0.85 efficiency = 4235 watts or 4.3kwh rounded off. A welder needs 4235 watts to run for 1 hour. For 30 minutes you need about 2200 watts and so on.

From here it's easy to figure out what size of solar generator or number of solar panels you need. You may be using the welder for 15 to 20 minutes per hour, so the power consumption may be between 2000W and 2500W. It also depends on voltage, amperage and efficiency. The higher the voltage and amps, the more watts the welder will consume.

1500 watt portable solar power generatorCompared with solar panels, the welding of solar generators is more convenient, and the power generation capacity of a single power station can reach 3000W. By contrast, you have to install several solar panels to produce the required power for a welding machine.

There are many different soldering processes, so their power usage will vary. The same goes for a solar generator, as its output depends on its power and specifications. But here are some general guidelines you can follow.

When looking for a solar generator to solder, check its amp and voltage support. A 1500W solar generator can handle 20A at 240V or 40A at 120V. This is just an example as the numbers depend on the system. Some solar generators and welders are measured in kVA. Multiply this by 800 to find its watt equivalent. A power station rated at 8 kVA is 6400W (8 × 800 = 6400).

Starting and Running Watts

Before you buy a solar generator, check for surges and operating power. Some appliances, such as refrigerators, require more power to start (surge watts) before it starts operating normally (running watts). Surge watts are higher than running watts, so don't confuse the two when looking for a solar generator for the welder.

Solar generators can only provide a few minutes of power surge. The welder has no requirement for surge power, but the generator must run at or greater than the welder needs.

A 2000W welder cannot use a solar generator with a surge power of 2500W and an operating power of 1000W. But a generator with a surge of 2500 watts and running at 2000W is fine. This is best if the generator has more than 1500W solar generator running watt capacity, but if you don't run the welder continuously it will do just fine.

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