Can Solar Generator Power RV?

Solar generator, also known as solar power station, make it easier to run equipment and appliances in an emergency. But does it has enough power to the RV? Yes, but you have to make sure the generator has correct right specifications.

Recreational vehicle

In our daily life, it is necessary to have a high power generator. A 1500W solar generator can run RV appliances for 100 amp hours a day. That's more than enough for most RV users, and you can also add power by installing solar panels or batteries.

What Solar Generator Size Does Recreational Vehicle Need?

1500 watt portable solar generator

You need to do three things. First thing is calculating the size of your solar generator; second thing is determining your electricity needs and the third thing is knowing how much solar energy you will be using. (Daily appliance watt usage = solar generator size)

Daily appliance watt usage = solar generator size. If your RV appliances consume 1200 watts per day, a 1500 watt solar generator is the minimum requirement.

Adding the total wattage your appliances consume and you can get the generator's capacity. If the appliance uses amps, use the following conversion: amps x volts = watts. Add up all the appliances you want to use solar energy. If it's 100, that's 1200 watts. (100 amps x 12 volts = 1200 watts)

We used 12V as this is common in RVs. But you can also use 24V. You can also try these steps if you want to install a portable solar generator for your mobile home.

Calculating Daily Power Requirements

In our example, your RV is going to use 1200 watts or 100 amps for a day. But there are a lot of variables here to consider. For example, a 12V coffee maker might use 650W per hour. But that's just an hour of usage. If you drink coffee only once a day, your battery consumption will be lower.

Adding up the total power and you get the solar generator size needed to run all of these devices at the same time. You probably won't do this very often, but it's good to have extra capacity. Obviously, the use of equipment varies by RV. Even within the same RV, its daily power consumption can vary. Get monthly average data and use that as a guide.

The basic rule to remember is: if the power of the unit is greater than the size of the solar generator, there are two options. Buy a bigger solar power station, or reduce the number of household appliances. You sometimes see people debating which is better solar panels or generators. But you don't have to choose between the two. You can combine them for the best results.

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