Solar Generator vs. Gas Generator

With this year's home order and social distance, we all rely more on the power supply at home. Finding a suitable backup power source for your home is an important safety measure if the power grid fails, breaks down or people are trapped in their homes. Two of the most popular power solutions are solar generators and traditional gas powered generators. Each option has its advantages, but solar generators are more cost-effective, resilient and sustainable than gas generators.

Portable solar generator and gas generator


A successful backup power system should be dependable, durable, and long-lasting. Battery and solar generators have advantages over gas generators in terms of power duration. For example, if you connect a battery-powered generator to a solar system, it can continue to charge or store energy. If you have solar energy in your home, you can keep your solar system running, or use a 300W solar power generator when the power grid is interrupted.

One of the biggest disadvantages of using gas generators is that you need to rely on external fuel sources. In natural disasters, fuel may be exhausted, not to mention continually purchasing fuel can be very costly over time. Gas generators also emit harmful fumes, which means they need to be placed outside in a well-ventilated area.


Gas generators emit two kinds of pollution: air and noise. A gas generator releases carbon monoxide and other harmful pollutants, making it more dangerous and irresponsible to the environment. Since the natural gas generator needs to be installed outdoors to ensure safety, they can be a thorn in the eye of your house and may produce too much noise. Many houses may not allow you to use gas powered generators from the beginning, because they destroy the landscape of the house and also cause disturbance to the neighbors.

On the other hand, solar generator can eliminate air pollution and reduce your home's carbon footprint, as long as it is powered by solar panels or can be plugged into a socket.


The main advantage of using a solar energy system with battery combination is the power source is free—it’s the sun! As long as there is sunlight and the system is not damaged, you can continue to use this power during natural disasters or any other type of interruption. Although the upfront cost of solar generator may be higher than that of traditional generator, you can expect that the total life cost of gas generator will be equal to or exceed that of solar generator.

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