How to Choose a Portable Solar Generator?

There are a plethora of different solar generators out there on the market. Many people want to get better prepared for blackouts, hurricanes, storms or just want better camping, RV or tiny house options.

There are many different solar generators on the market. Many people want to be better prepared for power outages, hurricanes, storms, or just want better camping, RV or tiny house. There are some helpful tips for finding the best solar generator.

  • 200W portable solar generatorWeight and Portability

Portable is a little subjective because a 25-year-old man who goes to the gym every day can probably carry a 50lb solar generator no problem. Whereas a 75-year-old man may not be able to easily carry a 50lb generator. Know your limits and your strengths.

Many people buy solar portable generators because they want electricity in an emergency. Others just want to find a simple solution in their RV, tiny house, or just for camping. Therefore, if it is an RV, weight and portability are not big factors. Weight and portability are really important in camping and emergencies.

  • Life Cycle

One cycle is to use the battery from 100% to 0% (or whatever the minimum drain point is), and then back to 100%. Especially those who need emergency preparedness, even RV and small houses, this is a big problem. A tiny house may use solar energy equipment for at least half a cycle every night. This means that it can only be used for 1.5 to 3 years at most.

For those who are prepared to deal with events such as an EMP attack, the power grid is expected to be interrupted for at least 2 years, but it may take 10 years to recover. This means that the battery needs to be able to withstand such a long working time.

  • Car Charging Capability

This is the most overlooked part of solar units by consumers. Solar devices need to be charged through cars, such as 200W portable solar generator. Let's use a camping scenario: you're going camping, but you take out your solar equipment and find that it's only 50%. It's still noon, but you can't tie the battery panel to the roof. Fortunately, you have a car charger, so when you reach your location, your car is fully charged. A happy day.

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