How To Find Out What Solar Generator Size You Need

With the development of the technology, more and more people place solar generators in their homes. Let us start with the basics. Solar generator power is measured in watts. All you have to do is calculate the total watts you use each month. Add another 10% or 20% and you'll know how much generator power you need.

Solar generator and houseThe power consumption of an appliance is measured in watts or amperes. Their power consumption will be shown in the manual or on the device itself. Most appliances use 120 volts.

Watts / volts = amps

Amps x volts = watts

For instance, a refrigerator label might say that it consumes 7A (amps) at 120V (volts). 7A x 120V = 840 watts.

If you want to power the whole house, check your monthly bill and look for KWH usage. As a guide to buying solar power stations.

Write the electrical appliances to be used in case of power failure. Lighting, refrigerator, heating, air conditioning, etc. "Necessities" mean different things to different people, so please make your own list. Add the total watt usage of the appliances you wrote down.

Pay attention to the running watts and starting watts. A refrigerator may need 1500W to start, and then the demand drops to 100-200wh. The generator must meet or exceed the power requirements for operation and starting.

Buying a generator with a little more power than you need. First, you never know when you need to run another device. The life of a generator that always runs at full load is very short. Third, it puts pressure on the system.

If your total electrical power is 300W, buy a 500-700W generator. If it is 600w, buy an 1500w solar generator. There is no harm in having more power, but running an under powered generator can cause serious damage.

Solar panels is direct current (DC), so the inverter converts DC into alternating current (AC). You only need an inverter if you have AC equipment such as fans, bulbs, motors and other appliances. Laptops, smartphones and tablets all use DC. Modern TV has AC/DC converter.

Portable solar generators have really taken off the past few years, and it will become more popular.

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