How to Install Solar Water Pump with Battery?

Solar water pumps are specially designed to utilize DC electricity from solar panels. The pumps must work during low light conditions, when power is reduced, without stalling or overheating. Low volume pumps use positive displacement (volumetric) mechanisms which seal water in cavities and force it upward. The submersible pump can realize working at sunrise and resting at sunset, no need any person look after it, no need diesel, no need power grid, and can be used with irrigation equipments to save water, energy and cost.

So, today we will talk about how to install a solar water pump with battery.


  1. Connecting the power cable of the motor to the W, V and U terminals.
  2. Conneting the DC power supply to P+, P-, (battery or solar panel).

Wiring diagram of solar water pump

How to install the solar water pump with battery?

  1. We using a 48VDC battery, connecting the connector to the solar water pump outlet. If the pump will be put in deep water, it shold be lifted by ropes. (Becareful not to use the power cable to lift pump).
  2. Putting the pump into the water. When in pond/ pool/ river/ lake, the water inlet of the pump must below the water level.
  3. When the solar pump is putting into a narrow deep well, the water inlet of the pump should be 7-8 meters lowers than the water level so that the pump can pump enough water. The controller automatically recognizes that the pump is connected the battery or solar panel.
  4. Then press"ON", the controller starts to work.
  5. Press "switch" to view the current speed. The outlet bagan to spray water.
  6. Press ▼ to decrease the motor speed. (When the power supply is battery.)
  7. Press "Enter" to confirm the setting. Then the water discharge is obviously reduced. The mimimum speed that canbe set is 1000 rpm.
  8. Switching to check the current is 0.7A, power is 38W, and voltage is 49.9V.
  9. Press the "OFF" to stop pumping. (When the power supply is solar penel, the pump will automatically start or stop).
  10. Connect the level snesor according to the wiring diagram. It is often used in water tanks. The level sensor is onnected to the TH and COM terminals. How to install solar water pump with battery

When the float switch is lifted by water, the pump stops working. The TANK indicator light on the controller panel is always on. After 30 minutes, the solar water pump will automatically restart and pump water.

If you want to know more details about the installing of solar water pump with battery, please check the video below.

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