Applications of Solar Water Pump

Solar water pump (also known as photovoltaic water pump) is mainly composed of photovoltaic pumping inverters, water pumps and solar panels. It is a powerful water supply method in remote areas with little electricity. Utilizing the inexhaustible solar energy that can be obtained everywhere, the system automatically works at sunrise and rests at sunset, without the need for guards and excessive maintenance. It is an ideal green energy water extraction system integrating economy, reliability and environmental protection benefits.

Solar water pumps are widely used in agricultural irrigation, desert control, grassland animal husbandry, urban water features, domestic water, etc., reflecting the modern concept of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection. The following will introduce the application of solar water pumps in production and life.

Cash crops and farmland irrigation

Cash Crops and Farmland Irrigation

In arid and semi-arid areas, the lack of water resources makes it difficult to irrigate crops. The solar water pump system is used to irrigate crops, achieving the purpose of low energy consumption and environmental protection. At the same time, the cost of pumping water is reduced, and the economic benefit is significant. The photovoltaic water pump system has broad application prospects and significant social, economic and ecological benefits in commercial crops and farmland irrigation.

Management of Barren Hills

The deterioration of the environment causes frequent occurrence of severe weather such as sandstorms, which seriously threatens the living environment of human beings. In the process of greening of barren hills, vegetation irrigation has become a big problem, and the high cost of power grid erection and electricity consumption has become the bottleneck of greening of barren hills. Solar water pump system uses solar energy resources and groundwater resources according to local conditions, and configures drip irrigation and intelligent control system, which is an effective way to solve vegetation irrigation in the process of barren hills management.

Soil Erosion Protection

In areas with soil erosion, solar energy is used to pump water from rivers ashore without the need for power supply to irrigate soil erosion-proof vegetation on both banks and hillsides. Solar water pump systems play an important role in the governance of soil erosion protection.

Solar water pump land management

Desertification Land Management

Photovoltaic water pump system is also widely used in afforestation, returning forest and grassland, curbing the spread of desertified land and desertification grassland management, protecting and restoring desertification grassland grassland vegetation, comprehensive management of small watersheds and water sources, construction of water-saving irrigation projects, small water conservancy and water conservation projects, farmland and artificial grassland irrigation, etc.

Livestock Water and Pasture Irrigation

Drought and water shortage will cause serious damage to grasslands, large areas of forages will dry up, and animal husbandry production will be severely impacted. Livestock in pastoral areas will be killed or injured due to lack of grass and water. At present, grassland irrigation mainly relies on groundwater, and the utilization of groundwater is restricted by two factors, one is the limitation of water resources, and the other is the limitation of energy and power. These areas are scattered with scattered settlements, inconvenient transportation, and difficult to supply energy. In addition, the power grid construction has caused energy shortage due to high line losses and large spans, which makes it impossible to solve the problem of water-lifting power. The solar water pump system combines the characteristics of rich solar energy resources and long sunshine time in the grassland, and effectively uses the solar panel to convert the solar energy into electricity, drives the water pump to extract groundwater, and transforms the natural grassland into artificial grassland.

Domestic Water

Photovoltaic water pump systems can effectively provide safe and secure water supply solutions for households in remote areas with insufficient water supply due to power shortages. It can effectively meet various household water needs.

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