10 Reasons for Installing Solar Water Pump System

Solar water pump system can provide water for remote district lacking of electricity or places where the electricity supply is unstable. In low-power solar pump systems, DC brushless motors are often used to drive pumps in order to achieve the highest possible system efficiency. We supply solar water pumps driven by brushless DC motors, which come with a DC controller. AC asynchronous motors are also used to drive water pumps in solar pump systems. In this case, the solar pump inverter is usually used for control. Both the DC controller and the solar pump inverter can convert DC power of the solar panel into AC power to drive the water pump. Also implements control and regulation on the operation of the system to achieve maximum power point tracking (MPPT). The solar water pump system is the most attractive water supply method in the sun-rich areas of the world, especially in remote areas where electricity are not available. Here are ten reasons why solar water pump system should be installed.

1. Send water pump anywhere on earth and no need for external power supply
The solar system provides energy for DC pumps, so you can install it anywhere. solar water pump with DC controllerOnce the system is installed and ready, it can run indefinitely. It only needs some simple maintenance, such as solar panels need to be cleaned regularly for optimal energy efficiency.

2. Renewal of solar water pump technology and materials
Stainless steel is used in pump housing and pump mechanism to ensure hygiene and long life. Stainless steel suspended in water for many years to resist corrosion. Stainless steel housing is also hygienic and does not pollute water sources. In addition, the pumping mechanism made of stainless steel can reduce the wear and tear caused by sand and other particles, while lifting water from deep underground.
Brushless DC motor is one of the most effective DC motors in the market. One of the main advantages of brushless DC motor is that it does not need to be removed from the well to replace the brush.

3. The system is in low cost and easy to use
In the past, solar power systems were expensive, and technological advances made low-cost systems easy to obtain. Today, the price of solar cells and panels has been reduced, and solar cell manufacturing has developed to a very affordable level.

4. No sustained operating costs
After the initial system cost, there is no continuous operating cost. Every day, when the sun shines and water is pumped out of the deep underground, high-priced electricity can be saved.

5. Much cheaper than installing the main power supply in a remote location.
One of the reasons why windmills were so popular in the past is that the main force of imperceptibility was expensive both in time and money, because they do not require electricity for running. Solar water pump system can pump water without connecting the main power, and don't worry about how long the power line is submerged in the ground or how long the wind blows.

6. Solar pump system is efficient
Modern solar pumps are much better than previous systems. They generate a lot of energy, require little maintenance, and can be extended for commercial
use. In cloudy weather, solar panels consume less energy, but they won’t stop production altogether. Even on cloudy days, solar panels generate enough
energy to pump water.

7. The system is modular and can be upgraded over time.
The components that make up the solar pump system are very modular. They can be replaced and upgraded according to their needs. Additional solar panels
can be added if overcast, low light and performance requirements are increased. If more water is needed every day, batteries and additional panels can
be added. If more volume is needed, the pump can be replaced with a higher power model with higher flow rate.

solar pump inverter and solar water pump system

8. Farmers can be benefited
In farms, solar water pumps maintain irrigation functions to maintain land and crop growth, and solar pumps are used to help farmers irrigate crops.

9. Cheap maintenance
The most important maintenance task is to keep the solar panels and batteries clean, which allows the system to generate enough energy to run the pump.
Usually, cleaning involves using soapy water to remove dust, dirt and dust from the panel, usually once a year.

10. Easy to install
Solar water pump systems can be installed by professionals or by professionals themselves, and the power system is native and does not need to run the
main power supply or extend the power supply to remote locations.

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