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DC Pump is Better than AC Pump in Solar Pumping System
The solar water pump is the heart of solar pumping system, so selecting the good reliable pump is a crucial choice in building your efficient system. Mainly in the market there are 2 types of solar pumps: AC pump and DC pump. DC solar pump uses DC motor which works based on direct current supply (such as solar panel or battery), so it does not need an inverter. While AC solar pumps uses AC motor which powered via solar pump inverter that converting DC getting from solar panels to AC. Then which one is better, AC pump or DC pump?
A Typical Design of Solar Water Pump System
With the development of the solar power technology, and people's comprehensive considerations and strict requirements for water consumption, water quality, water supply system reliability and environmental protection, the solar water pumping system has increasingly become the preferred solution to the water use because of its easy installation, no labor guard, low cost and zero carbon emission and so on. The solar water pump system, or PV pumping system, is mainly constituted by solar panel, solar pump inverter, water pump, pipeline and water tank. In this system, the storage battery is omitted, and the water pump is directly driven, which has high reliability and reduces the investment cost.
Application of Solar Pump Inverter in Solar Pump System
The basic principle of solar water pump system is to use semiconductor solar cells to convert solar energy directly into electricity, and then use various motors to drive water pumps for water lifting from deep wells, rivers, lakes and other water sources. In some small and medium power solar pump systems, brushless DC motor is often used as the driving motor, but in some larger power solar pump systems, asynchronous AC motor is also used as the driving motor. In the case of AC asynchronous motor as driving motor, solar pump inverter(solar variable frequency drive) is usually used to control.
10 Reasons for Installing Solar Water Pump System
Solar water pump system can provide water for remote district lacking of electricity or places where the electricity supply is unstable. In low-power solar pump systems, DC brushless motors are often used to drive pumps in order to achieve the highest possible system efficiency. We supply solar water pumps driven by brushless DC motors, which come with a DC controller. AC asynchronous motors are also used to drive water pumps in solar pump systems. In this case, the solar pump inverter is usually used for control. Both the DC controller and the solar pump inverter can convert DC power of the solar panel into AC power to drive the water pump. Also implements control and regulation on the operation of the system to achieve maximum power point tracking (MPPT). The solar water pump system is the most attractive water supply method in the sun-rich areas of the world, especially in remote areas where electricity are not available. Here are ten reasons why solar water pump system should be installed.
Solar Water Pump System for Agricultural Irrigation
Solar photovoltaic water pumping system, also known as photovoltaic water pump or solar water pump system, converts solar energy into electricity through solar cell modules, and then drives the pump to raise water from low level to high level for farmland irrigation or human and livestock drinking. Solar water pump system project can be built in areas rich in solar energy resources, making modular construction or staged construction according to the fund or industrial development, and realize automatic operation, costs low management fees.