What is an Inverter Generator?

The portable digital inverter generator adopts the super-silent generator made by the inverter technology. Many of its advantages are unparalleled by traditional generators. The inverter generator can purify the primitive AC. After secondary conversion of AC-DC-AC, the voltage output is irrelevant to the engine revolution speed. Meanwhile, the voltage waveform distortion is brought to the minimum level, and finally, the primitive AC is converted again into the clean and steady AC output. Its waveform features a smooth sine waveform. Thus, some electric devices, which are very sensitive to voltage fluctuations can be operated, including the computer. Besides, the unit is installed with a unique intelligent throttle valve, which can automatically adjust the value of the revolution speed according to the actual changes of the load, making its fuel oil consumption 20% to 40% lower than the ordinary unit and lengthening the operation hours as well.

Inverter generator for camping

The electric motor of the inverter generator has the microcomputer control system control the revolving speed, voltage, current, frequency and power of the electric generator. The output power can be automatically recognized and adjusted according to the value of the externally-connected electric devices to ensure the normal operation of electric devices, and improve the electric generator's output efficiency by 90%. (The efficiency of the ordinary electric generator constantly staying at 3,000 revolutions is 30%, so whether so much fuel oil should be consumed is a question.) The portable inverter generator is efficient, energy-saving, convenient, silent, voltage-steady, and extensive in applications. Not only is it applicable to household appliances, computers, and machinery equipment, it is also applicable to some commonly-seen outdoor devices, including tents, camp lights, generators, jacketed kettles, kettles, etc.

The quality power source waveform distortion rate provided by the frequency-variable generator is lower than 2.5%. The electric waveform features a perfect sine waveform. The steady voltage deviation is smaller than ±2%, the steady frequency band is smaller than 0.5%, the electric output is very clean and steady. Therefore, the inverter generator is the most suitable for precision equipment with a high requirement of the power source quality, and sensitive to voltage and current fluctuations.

The inverter generator adopts the intelligent throttle valve system, which can automatically adjust the revolution speed according to the actual changes of the load. Meanwhile, the efficient permanent magnet synchronous generator should be adopted to largely reduce the fuel oil consumption to a level which is around 30% lower than that of the ordinary unit. The intelligent air damper system is introduced, and the special damping materials together with the specially-designed silencer and fully-enclosed mute design is employed to largely reduce noises, so the inverter generator is more suitable for a quiet environment. The new-type permanent magnet generator is used to realize the integration between the electric generator and the cooling fan, and largely reduce the machine weight. Compared with the traditional generator set of the same power, its volume and weight are both reduced by around 50%.

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