What Issues Do You Need to Know Before Buying an Inverter Generator?

When you are away from your main power supply, possibly due to a power outage, or when you are at an unpowered job site or camp, portable inverter generators provide the necessary power whenever and wherever you need it. The best time to buy an inverter generator is before you really need it. When buying an inverter generator, these are the three things you need to know.

2000 watt portable inverter generator

How Does it Work?

Like traditional inverter generators, inverter generators generate electricity from a gas engine and can be started manually or remotely. This turns on a generator, producing electricity. Inverter generators come with electrical outlets so you can plug extension cords directly into appliances and power tools. Generally speaking, the higher the power of the inverter generator, the more its export combination.

How Portable is it?

They are very portable. Power inverter generators are lighter than traditional generators. Some weigh less than 15kg, while some heavier, more powerful models have built-in wheels for easy transport.

What is the Wattage?

The key to choosing a generator is starting watts running watts. Let's take a refrigerator as an example. During normal operation, a refrigerator only needs 550W of power. On average, a refrigerator needs a 1350W surge to start working until it hits 500W when running. So 2000W portable inverter generator is the best choice. As a general rule, the higher the wattage produced, the more items the generator can power.

Three Uses of Inverter Generator:

  1. Power inverter generator for work. Generators with a maximum power output of more than 5000 watts are recommended for use in the workplace. It can run power tools and can be connected directly to an electrical panel. For safety, these powerplants have a transfer switch. As it is the heaviest and largest type of inverter generator, these built-in wheels are easy to transport around the job site.
  2. Power inverter generator for home. A medium-sized inverter generator with a maximum output of 3500 watts is ideal for home backup power. Able to operate basic household appliances: electric stove, air conditioner, cooler, radio and TV. Suitable for sensitive devices such as laptops and mobile phones.
  3. Power inverter generator for camping. A 2500 watt portable inverter generator is more than enough for camping and outdoor recreation. Power is available for safety. Powers portable electric stoves and charges mobile devices. Very quiet and will not disturb nearby campers. Portable and can easily fit in a car.
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