What Can We Do with an Inverter Generator?

An inverter generator is a generator that processes raw power into a feeder that resembles the power received over a power line. The generator portion of an inverter generator is usually powered by gasoline or diesel. 'Inverting' refers to the conversion of electricity from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) in direct contrast to a rectifier that converts AC power to DC power.

Both rectifiers and inverters are types of power converters that convert electrical current from one type to another type of device.

So what is DC and how about AC? Direct current is current that flows in only one direction in a circuit. The battery is charged with direct current. Alternating current is the current that switches direction on a circuit. It is the type of electrical current that is distributed to homes and businesses over power lines.Portable inverter generator

There are many things that an inverter generator can do. For example, a power inverter without a generator is a device that plugs into a car's cigarette lighter and outputs power through a standard electrical outlet. In this case, the inverter changes the DC power of the car battery. The car battery drains power when the car is not running. However, when the car is driving, it is still charged by the alternator. Advanced inverter generators can regulate power and provide smooth current for delicate electrical equipment.

Different models of inverter generators use different methods to condition the power feed to simulate power line power. Typically, the AC power produced by the generator is converted to DC power. It rectifies the power and then converts it back into regulated AC power, reversing the power.
Inverter generators are very portable. They can be installed in recreational vehicles. Compared to traditional generators, inverter generators are often the preferred method of generating electricity. The reason is that they run quieter and produce a more reliable power supply. A stable power supply is key when operating sensitive equipment such as computers. These devices may lose data. If the power level changes too much, it will cause damage.

Inverter generator equipment helps protect powered machines from damage due to power fluctuations or power outages.

In situations where power changes could result in data loss, an inverter device is required to ensure the safety and continued functionality of the powered hardware. In cases where the power supply does not need to be regulated for use, a generator without inverter capability can be used.

Without an inverter, power surges and fluctuations can occur. Therefore, in an emergency, it is best to keep only the generator power supply system.
An inverter generator is connected to an efficient alternator. The voltage from the generator is rectified and filtered by the capacitor to output DC. The output DC goes into a smooth capacitor, and then the DC is inverted. The standard sine wave voltage and frequency are output. The size of the load and the regulation of the voltage are regulated by the inverter. The inverter engine does not rotate at the same speed as a conventional generator, and its output is cleaner than a conventional generator.

Nowadays, more and more electronic products such as computers, mobile phones, TVs, games, printers, DVD equipment, etc. use microprocessor MCU core devices, which are very sensitive to the quality and voltage of the power supply. If there is no stable power supply, it will cause damage to the equipment. Therefore, the sensitive electronic equipment of any application must be powered by a high-stability power supply, and inverter generator equipment is an ideal choice for them.

The inverter generator can use multi-machine parallel output to adapt to larger load occasions. The system also has the power balance feature, which can evenly distribute the load to each generator. The inverter generator uses a communication line to connect the control terminals of each device to ensure that there is no impact and load balance when the system is paralleled, and there is no problem of generator circulation.
Above all, we introduce the use of inverter generator and we hope that you can know better about it. If you want to know more information about it or order inverter generator, welcome to our website.

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