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What Issues Do You Need to Know Before Buying an Inverter Generator?
When you are away from your main power supply, possibly due to a power outage, or when you are at an unpowered job site or camp, portable inverter generators provide the necessary power whenever and wherever you need it. The best time to buy an inverter generator is before you really need it. When buying an inverter generator, there are the three things you need to know: how does it work; how portable is it; what is the wattage. In this article, we will talk about these questions.
Why Should Buy Inverter Generator?
Whether you're at home or on the road on an outdoor adventure, you rely heavily on electronic devices for communication and functionality. Unfortunately, electronic devices run out of energy over time and need to be recharged for continued use. Keeping your electronics powered up can be a problem if you're camping or at home without power. In this article, we will talk about why need inverter generator.
What Can We Do with an Inverter Generator?
An inverter generator is a generator that processes raw power into a feeder that resembles the power received over a power line. The generator portion of an inverter generator is usually powered by gasoline or diesel. 'Inverting' refers to the conversion of electricity from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) in direct contrast to a rectifier that converts AC power to DC power. Both rectifiers and inverters are types of power converters that convert electrical current from one type to another type of device.
Inverter Generator Price List
For buyers, they don’t know how to determine whether the inverter generator is suitable for their own use. We summarize some points that they need to pay attention to:
What are the Advantages of Inverter Generators?
What are the advantages of Inverter Generator? Inverter Generator provides more electrical power for the same amount of the fossil fuel compared to traditional generator, in other word, it achieves higher efficiency (approx. 30% higher). Inverter Generator is quiet with smaller size and weight. It doesn’t pollute the environment because it consumes less fuel. It can handle motor inrush/surge current at starting period efficiently without oversizing, so lesser Inverter Generator power capacity will perform better than larger traditional generator capacity in cases of using the generator to feed motor-based load.
What is an Inverter Generator?
The portable digital inverter generator adopts the super-silent generator made by the inverter technology. Many of its advantages are unparalleled by traditional generators. The inverter generator can purify the primitive AC. After secondary conversion of AC-DC-AC, the voltage output is irrelevant to the engine revolution speed. Meanwhile, the voltage waveform distortion is brought to the minimum level, and finally, the primitive AC is converted again into the clean and steady AC output. Its waveform features a smooth sine waveform. Thus, some electric devices, which are very sensitive to voltage fluctuations can be operated, including the computer. Besides, the unit is installed with a unique intelligent throttle valve, which can automatically adjust the value of the revolution speed according to the actual changes of the load, making its fuel oil consumption 20% to 40% lower than the ordinary unit and lengthening the operation hours as well.