What are the Advantages of Inverter Generators?

What is the Inverter Generator?

It's an electricity generator that converts chemical energy of fossil fuels to pure electricity via 2 stages.

In the first stage, it converts fossil fuels energy to AC electricity via traditional combustion engine which converts afterwards to DC electricity via rectifier circuit. And in the second stage, there will be an inverter module which converts DC to pure sinusoidal AC electricity.

The first question that comes to mind is why 2 stages although we get the AC electricity from the traditional generator in one stage via combustion engine and generator coils/magnetic field?

The answer is the Inverter Generator output electricity will be pure sine wave, it differs from that one received from traditional generator which is not 100% pure.

That is okay, but why we need pure sine wave electricity?

The answer is; for some sensitive electronics equipment like microprocessor based and many others like sensitive medical equipment, they need pure electricity to properly work otherwise they may fail or even subject to damages leading to very cost and serious consequences.

ATO inverter generatorWhat are the advantages of Inverter Generator?

  1. Inverter Generator provides more electrical power for the same amount of the fossil fuel compared to traditional generator, in other word, it achieves higher efficiency (approx. 30% higher).
  2. Inverter Generator is quiet with smaller size and weight.
  3. It doesn't pollute the environment because it consumes less fuel.
  4. It can handle motor inrush/surge current at starting period efficiently without oversizing, so lesser Inverter Generator power capacity will perform better than larger traditional generator capacity in cases of using the generator to feed motor-based load.

How can Inverter Generator achieve these amazing features?

The key factor is its internal inverter module, as based on the electrical load the inverter controls the speed of combustion engine, so significantly reduce fuel consumption and achieve high efficiency. On the contrary is the traditional generator which rotate with fixed full speed for both low or high-power capacity load.

So, traditional generator of 5kW will approximately consume the same fuel to run 200 watt lamp and to run 4kW load as well because it will rotate at full speed in both cases, while Inverter Generator with variable speed according to electrical demand feature will consume much lesser fuel incase of 200 watt lamp, that is the concept!

Consequently, Inverter Generator is portable, small weight, small size and very clean output electricity generator.

At the end, yes apparently Inverter Generator is more expensive than traditional Generator but the hidden fact is that Inverter Generator is much technically and economically better with such mentioned amazing features.

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