Pure Sine Wave Inverter Advantages

Pure sine wave inverter is divided according to the different inverter output waveform. The inverter is carried out on the basis of a modified square wave inverter, the more obvious advantages of improvement in the whole inverter market has become a mainstream product. This article will introduce the advantages of pure sine wave inverter in the practical application of the performance.

1. Able to meet the needs of most requirements

Pure sine wave inverter load capacity is very good, not only can drive capacitive load, but also can also drive inductive load, and even some appliances can be driven without damaging the load the power supply filter capacitor. It can be seen that the inverter is to meet most of our electricity demand.

2. High efficiency, low noise

Pure sine wave inverter is carried out on the basis of a modified square wave, the output quality can be very good square wave alternating current, and the conversion efficiency is very high. It will not cause severe destabilizing effects on the inverter and the load itself, and has clear advantage of low noise.

3. Reasonable price

One of the advantages of pure sine wave inverter is also reflected in the practical application is its moderate price. It can be accepted by the majority of consumers, the cost performance is relatively high. The market is also likely to be respected and gradually become the market mainstream products. It can be seen, there is good reason for pure sine wave inverter on the market price of a certain reason.

Pure sine wave inverterSine wave inverter is according to the nature of the output waveform of a division, this inverter in the practical application has shown excellent characteristics in the market occupy a certain status, the type of electrical load which will be more. We will introduce significant advantage sine wave inverter has.

1. Good output waveform

Sine wave inverter can even output with the same or even better grid sine wave AC output waveform is very good, low distortion, and interference to radio communications equipment is relatively small, the noise is more in the practical application It is also more extensive.

2. Complete protection function

One of the advantages of the power inverter in practical applications is demonstrated by its protective function relatively complete, overvoltage, under-voltage, short circuit, insulation and other functions are available, not only can play a good role to protect themselves, but also the protection of electrical load.

3. High overall efficiency

High efficiency is also one of the advantages of the pure sine wave inverter in the practical application of the performance of the sine wave High efficiency not only refers to its high efficiency, but also means a relatively high conversion efficiency, the inverters are people continuous application, has been widely promoted.

Above are the three advantage of pure sine wave inverter in the application. It has these advantages so it has been applied in more and more occasions, and people are also continuing to research to develop the device.

The inverter will often appear in the actual application over-voltage, under-voltage, over temperature and other phenomena. In order to avoid these situations, the quality of the inverter usually comes with some basic protection functions. When the pure sine inverter is not normally working, it will be automatically shut off. We will introduce the advantages of the inverter on the essential protection function.

1. Over-voltage protection

Excellent inverters are sure to have over-voltage protection function. When the input voltage is higher than 130% of rated voltage, the inverter must have the corresponding display and protection.

2. Under-voltage protection
Under-voltage protection is one of the excellent essential protection functions of power inverter. This function is corresponding with over-voltage protection, when the input voltage is less than 85% of the rated voltage of the inverter to have the appropriate display and protection.

3. Over-current protection
Excellent pure sine wave inverter also has overcurrent protection. This feature can be guaranteed when the load current exceeds the allowable value or occurs when short-term, immediate action would be to avoid getting a surge current damage. When the operating current exceeds 150% of rated the inverter will have automatic protection function.

4. Over-temperature protection
The over-temperature protection is also excellent in the inverter with protection features for no voltage stabilization measures inverters. Its output should also have excessive voltage protective measures to ensure the load will not be over-voltage damage.

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