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Buy Best Solar Inverter for Photovoltaic System
When sizing the solar photovoltaic system, we should mind some logic important factors that have substantial effects on solar system itself and our electrical appliances/equipment: 1. If we don’t use the electricity generated from the solar photovoltaic system during the daylight hours instantaneously, it will be exported back to the power grid if we have grid tie solar photovoltaic system type.
What is Solar Feed in Tariff?
Solar feed in tariff is how much will you be paid for the electricity generated from your solar photovoltaic system and send back to the power grid. Of course, the electric utility in your location which receives the power, will be on charge to pay you. Actually solar feed in tariff value differs from one country to another, moreover, it differs from one state to another. In United States, every state has its own guidelines, and every retailer has a certain tariff. So, if you decide to install photovoltaic solar system in your facility, you will be needing to check different retailers in your location for the best price.

Solar feed in tariff

How to Choose the Best Solar Company?
Correct choice of the solar company that will supply the solar system components is the base, success crucial factor and the first important task you should take care about. You need to find out more details about the solar company and solar components they provide before dealing with a certain. Here below, we shall summarize the clarifications you need to get, and better if it can be written signed/stamped clarifications from the best solar company:
Solar Inverters: Advantages and Disadvantages
Solar inverter is an important electronic device which converts dc electricity generated from solar panels photovoltaic system or dc batteries system to ac electricity that can be used to operate our household appliances, commercial/ industrial buildings...etc. The solar inverter mainly consists of step-up transformer, voltage regulator, mosfet driver and some other small electronics components.
What is Inverter Efficiency?
This inverter efficiency value depends on inverter load power capacity variation, as the efficiency increases and may reach to its max value at higher load power capacity in compare to lower loading power capacity, and in condition that not going above inverter output power capacity limit. Generally, below 15% inverter loading, the efficiency will be quite low. Consequently, good matching between inverter capacity and its load capacity will enable us harvest larger efficiency, which means larger inverter ac output power for the same dc input power.
Solar Energy Advantage and Disadvantage
The sun is the greatest power source at all, as the sun energy we receive in one hour could cover our global energy needs for an entire year, but unluckily we are not able to harvest a fraction of this energy! Through solar panels we are just able to convert very small amount of sun energy to electricity. However solar panels technology has been developed in recent years drastically, providing higher efficiency solar panels, and we are sure there will be continuous improvements. Let’s us summarize the pross and cons of the solar energy.
Solar Photovoltaic vs Solar Hot Water
Solar photovoltaic system converts sun lights to electricity, but solar hot water system and also called solar thermal system converts direct heat gained from the sun to hot water. So, they are 2 different amazing technologies to make use of the unlimited sun energy. In solar photovoltaic system, when the sun lights hit the solar panels surface, an electric direct current is generated and flow over the electrical wires/cables, then it is going to an Inverter which does convert this DC Voltage To AC voltage which is usable for all of our electrical appliances/equipment. So, it’s not complicated system, its simple and profitable project on all scales.
How to Buy Best Solar Panels?
Most of solar companies in the market can promise us about their solar panels quality, warranty, and after sales support… etc. But how can we trust? That is the question, which is difficulty answered. But generally, at least we need to check the supplier who will be around for along term, and this can be determined from good reputation, high quality, high experience and commitment.

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