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On Grid Inverter Price List
On grid inverter or grid tie inverter from, can convert direct current into alternating current. Its AC output can synchronize with the frequency and phase of mains supply. On grid inverters are commonly used in applications where direct current voltage sources are connected to the grid, such as solar panels and small wind turbines. The output voltage frequency of the solar grid tie inverter needs to be same as the grid frequency (50 Hz or 60 Hz). A MPU in the grid tie inverter can sense the AC waveform of the power grid and generate voltage back to the power grid based on the waveform.
How to Deal with Solar Companies?
Solar companies have some trading skills that you must understand when purchasing solar systems. Let's take a look at them 1. Buy today or the biggest tomorrow and you'll get a very high special discount. This is a famous saying in the tactics of solar energy company. In this case, if you think it's a good deal, then you have to study the offer very carefully, ask the solar company a time, don't sign before you are completely sure. 2. Another tricky sentence is: the big rebate will end next week, which is almost incorrect, because in the past, the rebate was changed regularly, but now it doesn't happen anymore, because the rebate is in the form of solar energy certificate, which has become a consistent plan.
Energy Meter Installation of Solar PV System
An important question that we must get an answer before installing a new solar photo-voltaic (pv) system: who will be responsible for installing the energy meter to measure how much electricity our solar system is generating, how much electricity our house is consuming, and how much electricity our solar system is exporting to the grid?
How to Avoid Shading of Solar PV System?
When installing solar photo-voltaic (pv) system on the roof of your new home, you need to be careful about shading.
How Much does Solar Photovoltaic System Cost?
In addition to some other costs that must be noted, there are 2 main categories of costs associated with the installation of solar PV systems, as they may not be identified prior to installation and suddenly discovered after installation.
8 Tips for Installing Solar PV System
There are a multiple of inquiries we have to get answers for from our electricity retailer when we intend to install a new solar photo voltaic system. In general, our solar installation company will know the answers of these inquires, but better to ask the retailer, and here are some of these inquires.
How Much Sunlight Should the Solar Panel Receive?
In general, the amount of sunlight a solar panel receives in a day is expressed in terms of peak solar hours. It means how many hours of rated power the solar panel can deliver on an average day. For example, if we have a solar panel rated at 450W and the site has 4 hours of peak sunlight, this means that we can supply this solar panel with about 4 x 450 = 1800W hour of energy per day, or 1.8kWh.This is because the amount of electricity a solar panel can produce is directly proportional to the amount of solar energy it receives, so it is important that our solar panel is installed in a direction that collects most of the direct sunlight.
Power Inverter Price List
Different voltage power inverter have different prices. Power inverter is a device that can convert DC (the battery and accumulator jar) into AC (normally the sinusoidal wave of 220V and 50Hz). It is composed of inverter bridge, control logic and filter circuit. With a power inverter, direct current (battery, switching power supply, fuel cell, etc.) can be converted into alternating current to provide stable and reliable power protection for electrical appliances, such as laptops, mobile phones, handheld PCs, digital cameras, and various instruments. Inverters can also be used with generators, which can effectively save fuel and reduce noise. The power inverter has a wide range of uses. It can be used in various vehicles, such as automobiles, ships and aircraft.
3 Dangerous Phenomena in Solar Panel
First Phenomena: Its yellow and brown colors appear internally in the solar panel. Due to solar panel poor manufacturer understanding of material science, there will be unusual chemical reactions happened internally and cause the rear white plastic to turn to brown or yellow, also, this may happen to solar cells surface due to chemical reactions between silicon cell surface and chemicals used to treat the solar panel glass.
How to Buy a Solar Inverter for On Grid System?
Solar inverter is a main device and important part of PV on grid power system. In order to ensure the normal operation of the solar PV grid tie system, the correct configuration and selection of solar inverters are particularly important. For the configuration of the solar inverter, in addition to considering the technical specifications of the entire photovoltaic power generation system and referring to the product manual, the following technical features should also be considered: rated output power, output voltage adjustability, overall efficiency and start-up performance.
Solar Panels Real Quality
Solar panels like any other product are Not the same, as some solar panels manufacturers use the high quality equipment and materials in manufacturing process, while others do Not. The used high quality materials will lead to high solar panels performance and high reliability. Those solar products manufacturers who always conduct researches to develop their solar panels manufacturing process are absolutely the best for us to buy from even their prices may be a bit higher than others.
3 Important Components in Solar Panel
Those are 3 important components in any solar panel with high influence on solar panel quality, performance and life span. So, let us show their effects and how can we choose the best characteristics as following: