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How Many Solar Panel Need For Fan and TV?
Due to the large power consumption of air conditioning, electric fan has become a popular choice for solar energy users. It's nice to watch TV with a cool breeze in summer, but how many solar panels do you need? Compared with air conditioning, fans consume less power and will not divert too much power during operation.
Portable Solar Panel and Electric Car
Electric vehicles and portable solar panels are undoubtedly the perfect combination. With the rapid decline of renewable energy costs, is it unreasonable to combine the two? In summer, you can expect solar panels to generate more energy, so charging the battery will be faster. In winter, less sunlight is available, so the charging time will be longer.
9 Reasons for Solar Inverter and Batteries failure
Because the solar inverter and batteries considered as 2 main parts in any solar system, we have to take care about some reasons makes them are not working properly in some conditions, and if there will be quick solutions in such cases, making them come back to work quickly.
6 Tips to Keep Solar Panel Clean
Is your solar panel as efficient as before? Before calling customer service, please check the cell for leaves, dirt, dust or bird droppings. It usually takes only one thorough cleaning to get the system running again. Although the maintenance cost of solar systems is low, don't ignore them. Here are some tips to keep solar panels clean when they look and run.
4 Main Jobs of the Solar Inverter
The solar inverter with all of its different types constitutes as the second most important part in solar system, because its responsible of major main jobs. It is responsible of the safety, quality and quantity of the AC output power (AC electricity) generated for the solar system, and its responsible of AC output power optimization at different conditions the solar system encounters over the day and year, so it plays an important role in increasing the electrical energy harvest.
Solar Inverter Quality and Location
The solar inverter is an electronic equipment, like any other electronics, its price varies from one manufacturer to another, one brand to another, and even one country to another, etc based on its quality and performance, because high quality inverter will be translated to longer life time expectancy. Actually in general the high quality solar inverter will be more expensive than lower quality one. So, when we intend to purchase our new solar inverter we have to decide whether we need the high performance and robustness or the cheaper one.
Will the Solar Inverter be Noisy?
This is a frequently asked question by many customers when they intend to buy their new solar inverter, especially if they will install the solar inverter near a window or near their bed room or a studying room. Actually, the high quality manufactured solar inverter is always very quiet, and you will not hear any noise, because it actually made of electronics component and it does Not have an internal transformer inside (transformer-less).
When the Solar Inverter Makes Beeping Sound?
Sometimes the solar inverter beeps as a part of its normal operation, other times it beeps to indicate fault condition. So, it’s important to understand these conditions, and to know how to deal with each one.
Will the Solar System be Noisy?
In normal operation and in general, the solar panels do not generate noise, as they are manufactured and designed to be noise free equipment, especially in night time, but even at day time where the sun hits the solar panel and it works to generate electricity, there will not be a noise.
The Best Place to Install the Solar Inverter
The solar inverter is the main part of the solar photovoltaic system, so taking care about the best installation position is important to achieve more efficiency, reliability and longer life span for not only the solar inverter, but for the whole solar photovoltaic system.
Solar Photovoltaic System Gross Metering
The connection of the solar photo-voltaic system to the power grid has multiple ways, based on electric utility regulations, and solar system owner installation purpose. One of these connection ways is the gross metering scheme. In this scheme, the whole electricity generated form the solar photo-voltaic system will go directly to the grid, and not to our home. So, all the harvest will be sent back to the grid on a pre-determined feed in tariff we agreed for with our local electricity supplier.
Can We Put Solar Panels Flat on Roof?
In photo voltaic Solar system, there are 2 positions of installations we have to take care about in order the solar panels can produce most of their rated power, in other word, we can get the max generation efficiency of our solar panels when we properly install them in two positions. The first position is the orientation of the solar array, we mean to point out the solar array to the sun directly, whether the array will face north, south, or whatever based on the country location, we just aim to get a best position to collection most of sun radiation over the day and the year.
What can solar panel directly connect?
The working principle of solar power system is basically the same. Solar panels absorb the energy of the sun. It is converted into electrical energy and stored in batteries. The inverter converts current into power compatible with electronic equipment. But can you connect the solar panel directly to the load? Sometimes you can, sometimes you can't.
Will a 40 Watt Solar Panel Charge a Battery?
To get the most accurate estimate, you must consider the size of the battery and how many hours of sunlight is available. A 40 watt solar panel can provide 40 watts of electricity per hour. This is the maximum output you can expect, but depending on the weather, it may fall below this value.
7 Steps Domestic Solar Panel Installation Guide
The installation process of solar panels must be carried out correctly to obtain the maximum solar panel system, otherwise your panels will not achieve their maximum efficiency. In order to let you know the installation process of solar panels, please follow the 7-step guide.
How to Use a Portable Solar Charger?
The solar charger can also be used for MP4 and MP3 players, digital cameras, laptops, headphones, smart watches and other USB devices. Solar charger is easy to use, but if you want to make the most of solar charger and your mobile phone, please continue to read. There are two options, charging directly with solar energy or charging with a battery charger.