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What are the Components of Wind Turbine?
A wind turbine is a power machine that converts wind energy into mechanical work. Generally speaking, it is a thermal energy generator that uses the sun's micro-heat source and the atmosphere as the working medium. Wind turbines use natural energy, which is much better than diesel power generation.
Can Solar Panels Generate Enough Electricity on Sunny Day?
As more and more people begin to pursue the quality of life, solar panels are gradually being used in our daily life. So can solar panels generate enough electricity when it's sunny? The answer is yes, solar panels can provide enough power on sunny days. However, several factors must be considered first.
3 Common Troubleshooting of Wind Turbines
As wind turbine is very important and when there is troubles, it is not an easy case to deal with. Today, we are going to introduce 3 common troubleshooting of wind turbines to you. We hope that this article can help you.
Solar Generator Price List
The solar generator is also known as the solar inverter integrated machine. It works by using solar panels (photovoltaic modules) to generate electricity under solar radiation. The electric energy is stored in the battery through the solar controller, and then the direct current is converted into a pure sine wave alternating current output by the power frequency inverter. In this way, solar generator supplies power to AC loads.
How To Protect Solar Power System From Lightning?
Thunderstorm is a threat to solar power system. Since there are many positive and negative charges in the cloud layer of cumulonimbus, the separation of positive and negative charges will produce many electric dipoles or multipoles, resulting in lightning.
Solar Charge Controller Troubleshooting
With the rapid development of the solar industry, solar charge controllers have now begun to spread all over the world, from our home power generation to street lighting, and finally to our transportation solar RV. The solar charge controller has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that it is fully intelligent, fully automatic, and fully humanized. The disadvantage is that it is prone to failure. Buying a high-quality solar charge controller can reduce the occurrence of failures. has listed several reasons for the failure for you, hoping to help you.
What is the Peak Output Power of a Power Inverter?
Because the inductive load is connected to the power supply or cut off the power supply, there will be a back EMF voltage, the peak value of such a voltage is much higher than the voltage value that the inverter can carry, it is very easy to cause instantaneous overload of the inverter, affecting the The life cycle of the inverter. Therefore, these types of electrical appliances have higher standards for power supply waveforms.
Centrifugal Pumps Working Principle
In the case of a pump filled with liquid, the impeller rotates to produce centrifugal force, and the liquid in the impeller groove is thrown to the periphery under the action of centrifugal force and flows into the pump casing to form a vacuum in the center of the impeller. The liquid will flow from the suction pool to the impeller under the action of atmospheric pressure. This way the liquid is constantly being sucked and beaten out. In the impeller to obtain the energy of the liquid out of the impeller has large kinetic energy, these liquids in the spiral pump casing is collected, and in the back of the diffusion, the tube will be kinetic energy into pressure energy.
What do Wind Turbines Need to Check?
With the development of science and technology, the types and numbers of wind turbine are increasing. As new units are continuously invested, the units must continue to age. The fault inspection of wind turbines is also becoming more and more important. Today, we will introduce common fault checks.
How to Diagnose Wind Turbine Faults?
The popularity and development of wind turbines are extremely rapid. The effect and function of wind turbines are also huge. If we can master some common fault judgments when using wind turbines, we may reduce unnecessary losses when the wind turbine fails. Next, we will introduce the fault diagnosis of wind power generation in detail.
How to Maintain Solar Power System?
The maintenance of the solar power system is divided into daily inspection and regular maintenance. Maintenance personnel must have professional knowledge, a high sense of responsibility and a serious attitude. The overall operation of the photovoltaic power system should be checked every day, and the display data of the equipment and measuring instruments should be carefully observed. Patrol inspections should be carried out regularly, and inspection records should be kept.
Solar Panel Maintenance and Cleaning Tips
Since the existence of life on earth, the sun has been continuously bringing energy to the earth. In order to make reasonable use of these inexhaustible energy, solar power generation is quietly emerging as a new type of renewable energy. Today, the solar photovoltaic power generation market is booming, and various solar energy products appear in our lives. But you must know that although solar panels are easy to use, solar photovoltaic panels require a lot of effort to maintain. The following are the tips for solar panel maintenance and cleaning.
What is Inductor of Solar Inverter?
Inverter inductor is generally composed of skeleton, winding, magnetic core or iron core, shielding cover, packaging material, etc. It is a component that can convert electrical energy into magnetic energy and store it. The structure of an inductor is similar to that of a transformer, but with only one winding. The biggest feature of the inductor is that the current cannot be changed suddenly, but can only gradually become larger or smaller.
Tips for Installing Solar Inverter
The solar inverter is one of the most important electronic components in the entire photovoltaic power generation system, but the wrong installation of the solar inverter will result in a decrease in the service life of the solar inverter. Then, the next step is to introduce the installation and precautions of the solar inverter for you.
Can Solar Panel Power Stove?
We use our stoves every day, but many people don't even think about how much electricity it consumes. But it's different if you're using solar, because every watt counts. Two questions here, can one solar panel power the stove, and second, how many panels are needed?
How to Choose a Solar Inverter for Home?
A solar inverter is a power conversion device that converts direct current from a battery to alternating current. So, how to choose a solar inverter for home PV system? The situation of the home PV system is complicated. If the components are short-circuited and grounded and the after-sales maintenance cannot be carried out immediately, it is likely to cause a fire or a safety accident. At this time, turn off the DC switch to prevent further escalation of the fault.
How to Choose a Solar Charge Controller?
The most common use of a solar charge controller is to provide load power for solar inverters and to charge energy storage devices in solar power systems. Before buying a solar charge controller, we need to have a general understanding of this product, so as to choose a great solar charge controller with the most favorable price.
How to Maintain a Solar Inverter?
The solar inverter converts DC power into AC power, and the core of the inverter device is the inverter switch circuit. The circuit completes the inverter function by turning on and off the power electronic switch. The on-off of power electronic switching devices requires certain driving pulses, and these pulses may be adjusted by changing a voltage signal to generate and adjust the pulse circuit.
How to Choose a Pure Sine Wave Inverter?
A pure sine wave inverter can convert direct current to alternating current. Unlike square wave inverters and modified sine wave inverters, pure sine wave inverters produce waveforms similar to those we get from commercial grid systems and can drive a variety of electronic devices including inductive loads. So, how to choose a pure sine wave inverter?
Functions of Solar Charge Controller
The solar charge controller is a device used to control the solar panel to charge the battery and at the same time give the load control voltage to the voltage sensitive device. The solar charge controller regulates and controls the charging and discharging conditions of the battery, and controls the power output of the solar cell components and the battery to the load according to the power requirements of the load. It is the main control part of the entire solar power supply system.